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How much do things cost in Nicaragua?
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult $31.25
Mid range bottle of wine $11.00
Pack of cigarettes $1.10
Milk (1 liter) $1.32
Oranges (1kg) $1.19
Monthly Pass (local transport) $8.00
Gasoline (1 liter) $1.27
Taxi 1hour Waiting $4.00
Taxi 1km $0.75
Imported beer at restaurant $1.70
* All price are converted to USD

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a gorgeous Latin-America country characterized white sunny beaches, beautiful women and bright flower expanses. It covers a landmass of 50,193 square miles and officially received independence from Spain in the year 1821, tourism is quite a big sector in this region with many foreigners entering its shores daily. Nevertheless, many visitors consider their trip deficient lest they visit Nicaragua’s colonial city of Grenada. Other interesting tourism cities are Ometepe, Masaya, Leon and San Juan Sur. Moreover, the Corn Isles and Mombacho volcanic range also attracts many tourists every year. There are convenient and cheap flights to Nicaragua that you can get by hiring a reputable travel agent.

The country is bordered by two water bodies which are the Pacific and Caribbean Sea, plus Costa Rica and Honduras which are found northwards and south respectively. It got its official name from Aztec dialect from an ancient chief called Nicarao. He reigned supreme over the land lying between Pacific Sea and L. Nicaragua, but this was way before colonization by the British. The nation is subdivided into 3 distinct territories which are known as Atlantic Lowlands, North Central Hills and Pacific Lowlands.

Nowadays, there are cheap flights to Nicaragua for those interested in saving money. Travelers are advised to buy weekend tickets since they are more cost effective. A good portion of land in this area is composed of ‘protected’ territory consisting of reserves, parks and other wild heritage spots. Spanish is spoken as the official dialect, though there are some regions where people talk a little bit of English.

Nicaragua’s flag consists of 2 horizontal topaz stripes, which symbolize the two massive water bodies surrounding the country. The white stripe which is found in-between them symbolizes Nicaragua mainland, bordered by Caribbean Sea and Pacific. There are special hotels in Nicaragua for both private and international vacationers. They have different accommodation categories with facilities like DSTV connection, private balcony, emergency bell and iron table. Vacationers are advised to make their reservations early to avoid last minute rush. There’s much to learn and enjoy in this spectacular country for both individuals and groups, plus don’t forget to carry a nice camera.

Information about travelling to Nicaragua

  • Age structure of Nicaragua
    0-14-years 29.3%
    15-24-years 22.4%
    25-54-years 38%
    55-64-years 4.8%
    65-years-and-over 4.7%
  • Languages of Nicaragua
    Spanish (official) 95.3%
    Miskito 2.2%
    Mestizo of the Caribbean coast 2%
    other 0.5%
  • Sex ratio of Nicaragua
    0.96 male/female
  • Area of Nicaragua
    130 370 km² (98th)
  • Cellphone owners in Nicaragua
    5.346 million (108th)
  • Independence of Nicaragua
    15 September 1821

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 15 September