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About Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic Island is found in Hispaniola territory which forms part of Antilles Archipelago in Caribbean. This country is considered the 2nd biggest after Cuba boasting a total landmass of 18,705 square miles, and an estimated population of around 10 million citizens. Its capital center is known as Santo Domingo and has an estimated population of 1 million people. Many cultures blend together to form part of this region’s heritage. They include aspects of native Taino, African, European and Spaniard colonialists. You can get cheap flights to Dominican Republic by registering for discount ticket offers from airline companies

One popular breakfast dessert is made from mango and fresh eggs that are mashed together to form a plantain. Nonetheless, some people prefer substituting the eggs with either cheese or fried meat for some different taste. Most locals consider lunch as the most important food and they often take rice, beans, fish, chicken, pork and beefs. The ‘La Bandera’ dish is quite popular in many middle-class homes, including Sancocho stew which is made from seven different meat specialties. Tourists can enjoy cheap flights to Dominican Republic through reserving air tickets early enough.

Dominican has over the years attracted celebrities, travelers and athletes who come to enjoy the breathtaking coastline, tropical landscapes and various world-class resorts. Some of the world’s most sophisticated accommodations are found in this area, their hospitality services are rated five-star and the rooms are fitted with modern amenities that are simply mind blowing. The hotels in Dominican Republic have very flexible payment plans and even allow for online transactions. Nevertheless, you are advised to book rooms two weeks before arrival for convenience sake.

The Dominican has varied attractions for all kinds of people including singles, couples, families, golfers, corporate clients. The accommodations are suitable for all kinds of people both young and old, they also offer free breakfast services that include scrambled eggs, yoghurt, coffee, cappuccino and much more. Visitors may tour different venues such as the beachfront, seaside towns, breathtaking rivers and mountain cliffs amongst many others. Moreover, there are also professional tour guides who are ready to show you different sites at a small rate.

Information about travelling to Dominican Republic

  • Ethnic groups of Dominican Republic
    mixed 73%
    white 16%
    black 11%
  • Currency exchange rate
    RD$1.00(DOP) = USD 0.02(USD)
  • Sex ratio of Dominican Republic
    1.03 male/female
  • Area of Dominican Republic
    48 670 km² (132nd)
  • Independence of Dominican Republic
    27 February 1844

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 27 February
  • Internet users in Dominican Republic
    2.701 million (68th)