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How much do things cost in Bahamas, The?
Eggs (12) $3.13
Pack of cigarettes $5.55
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $2 175.00
Taxi start $11.00
Rice (white) $2.91
Mid range bottle of wine $13.50
1 Pair of men leather shoes $206.67
Taxi 1hour Waiting $6.50
Chicken breasts at the market $12.67
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre $798.57
* All price are converted to USD

About Bahamas, The

The island country of Bahamas consists of 2,000 small beautiful landmasses. It’s surrounded by a clear and serene ocean teeming with rare sea life found nowhere else in the world, quite a good number of its beaches have been rated top class according to international standards. With the serene, turquoise waters and cool, powder sand this is no wonder why the beaches have been recognized as world-class by various tourism stakeholders. The most popular activity shorelines are Abacos and Treasure Cay Center. Bahamas is so beautiful that visitors need to see to believe. In fact, most photos of the island show just but a fraction of what this amazing destination has in store for travelers. You can nowadays get cheap flights to The Bahamas by using direct airlines from US.

The shores which surround this Island are extremely beautiful. They also provide fun-clubs where children can engage in various water activities, you would enjoy diverse spring break points within the coast lines that are cost-effective for all budget conscious vacationers. Guests can now enjoy cheap flights to The Bahamas by booking their tickets through authorized travel agents. The Abacos amusement park was recently voted amongst the best shores in the area, it’s the only one with tall sand dunes and a gorgeous view of the sea. Most of this nation’s beaches are border the Caribbean Sea, plus they vary in class from standard editions to deluxe ones suitable for those who are not afraid to spend more money.

Visitors would enjoy endless stretches of soft, golden sands that bedazzle the eyes. The shores also teem with palm coconut trees that can be seen swaying gracefully in breezy days, if you’re lucky enough to come when the edible nuts are ripe then good for you. The sand is quite mild and one doesn’t have to worry about their feet getting burnt when playing along the coasts, in fact children love playing games such as football, volleyball and many others. Some hotels in The Bahamas are available for online room reservations. For instance, blue beach resort is found along the coast and offers visitors an opportunity of enjoying first-class accommodation while on vacation.

Information about travelling to Bahamas, The

  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(BSD) = $1(USD)
  • Religions of Bahamas, The
    Protestant 69.9%
    Roman Catholic 12%
    other Christian 13%
    other 0.6%
    none 1.9%
    unspecified 2.6%
  • Sex ratio of Bahamas, The
    0.96 male/female
  • The population of Bahamas, The
    297 852 (173rd)
  • Paved roadways of Bahamas, The
    1 620 km

  • Energy generated from Bahamas, The
    Fossil fuels 100%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 0%
    Other renewable sources 0%