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About Trinidad And Tobago

The Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago is found along the northeastern shores of Venezuela. This nation is quite industrialized as compared to others within the region. Nevertheless, tourism isn’t a major economic activity which means that there’s still much to be exploited by you. It covers a total area of 5,128 km square and comprises of two big islands subdivided into nine territories, several small islets and a ward. The largest territory is known as Sangre Grande and it covers 18% of Trinidad and Tobago’s total area. You can catch cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago by travelling during the weekends.

This country lies just outside the volcanic hurricane belt where sea waters are cool, tepid and supportive of marine life. Moreover, the twin islands offer guests an enthralling blend of special cultural activities such as traditional dance processions and eco tourism opportunities. Trinidad is the larger landmass and boasts of an active nightlife, where visitors often come to dance and socialize with both natives and tourists from other countries. You can also lease out a cab to drive across the extensive North Coast Boulevard which is lined by tropical forests, rugged terrain and high breathtaking rocks.

Tobago is only 2hrs away when travelling by ferry from the main island. It’s considerably serene and also has a fair share of attractions that you would love. Cobalt seas interestingly contrast with the pink sandy shores which come to life each morning with golden sunsets, you need to carry a powerful camera for capturing all these memorable events. An uninterrupted series of rain forest reserves and gorgeous coral reefs complete this island’s unique geographical context. The best way to save money on your trip is buying tickets for cheap flights to Trinidad and Tobago.

Information about travelling to Trinidad And Tobago

  • Area of Trinidad And Tobago
    5 128 km² (174th)
  • Languages of Trinidad And Tobago
    English (official)
    Caribbean Hindustani
  • Independence of Trinidad And Tobago
    31 August 1962

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 31 August
  • Age structure of Trinidad And Tobago
    0-14-years 19.4%
    15-24-years 13%
    25-54-years 46.9%
    55-64-years 9.5%
    65-years-and-over 9.1%
  • Internet users in Trinidad And Tobago
    593,000 (115th)
  • Cellphone owners in Trinidad And Tobago
    1.884 million (147th)