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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful Central American country bordered by Panama, Nicaragua, Caribbean and Pacific water bodies. Many tourists consider it their favorite destination for a range of spectacular attractions. Proyecto Asis sanctuary is a renowned wildlife sanctuary for orphaned or injured animals; some of them have also been saved from consignment in the dangerous black market. After recuperation, the animals are usually freed to the wild, but those still experiencing difficulty in coping are kept by the orphanage for tourism and educational programs. Cheap flights to Costa Rica are currently available for direct booking.

For financing the reserve, management team offers daily wildlife tours and also encourages volunteer activities. This heritage center is open from Mon-Sat as of 8 in the morning to 1 pm. All tourists are required to make their reservations early enough before coming over, this helps the staff prepare for visitors and avoid congestion in the park which may scare away some animals.

Hot Geyser Paradise is a unique Geo-Thermal Hydro Resort that consists of natural mineral pools. Visitors can dive in to enjoy revitalizing natural baths that would leave them feeling fresh and energetic. Moreover, these waters are believed to have 13 different natural minerals with healing properties. Budget-wise visitors can wait till when airline companies are offering discounts on cheap flights to Costa Rica. Additionally, they offer different kinds of hydro massage for visitors who are ready to pay for the extra services. Guests would experience total relaxation and amusement in this place, plus the costs are very friendly and suitable for young people who don’t want to spend too much for their trip.

There are good hotels in Costa Rica where one can spend the night. Some of the finest accommodations are found in Alajuela district. They include Tacacori Lodge, Hotel de America, Hampton Inn and Hotel Catedral amongst others. The Tacacori is a lovely accommodation serving free breakfast every morning, this hotel comes is designed in the form of a cottage and is fitted with amenities like internet connection, DSTV and spacious bathrooms. There’s also a front deck which directly overlooks the patio, this yard is well maintained and always bustles with birds and multicolored butterflies.

Information about travelling to Costa Rica

  • Cellphone owners in Costa Rica
    6.151 million (100th)
  • Sex ratio of Costa Rica
    1.01 male/female
  • The population of Costa Rica
    3 773 057 (123rd)
  • Independence of Costa Rica
    15 September 1821

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 15 September
  • Industries of Costa Rica
    food processing
    medical equipment
    textiles and clothing
    construction materials
  • Area of Costa Rica
    51 100 km² (130th)