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How much do things cost in Mexico?
Taxi 1km USD 0.46
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 0.96
Cappuccino USD 2.27
Milk (1 liter) USD 1.07
Tomato (1kg) USD 1.22
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 4.60
Loaf of white bread USD 1.73
Gasoline (1 liter) USD 0.89
Mid range bottle of wine USD 8.02
Chicken breasts at the market USD 5.82
* All price are converted to USD

About Mexico

Come and visit the largest Spanish speaking country in the entire world and one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Mexico. Mexico is a favorite travel destination for not only Americans and Canadians, but has long been thought of as one of the world's ideal honeymoon spots, not to mention one of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the world, with the second largest coral reef in the entire world. If you're already considering a Mexican vacation, flights to Mexico and all of the major cities in Mexico are readily available.

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Travelling to Mexico is such a treat, with so many different travel experiences all in one country.

The Mexican Beach Experience

If you're looking for the 'Mexican Beach Experience,' with white sand beaches, clear blue waters and fun in the sun and in the water, Mexico has a number of places to visit. Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Mazatlan, Playa Del Carmel, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Maya are all excellent choices!

These are the places to go for sand, surf and sun. Perfect if you're interested in lying on the beach, building a tan, swimming in the clear blue Mexican waters and a variety of water sports-these cities are your key to the Mexican beach experience. Whether you love to snorkel, Jet Ski, dive, parasail or zip line, swim with dolphins or drink beer with a view of the sea in the background, your vacation will be a beach paradise in one of these cities. Tip: Make sure you dive or snorkel, as Mexico is home to the second largest coral reef in the entire world, right after Australia!

Mayan, Aztec and Indigenous Ruins:

There are so many cities in Mexico with ancient ruins of the Mayans, Aztecs as well as other indigenous peoples. If you've always wanted to explore Pre-Conquistador Mexico, there are so many excellent opportunities to do so! Tulum is by far considered one of the leading Mayan ruin sites in Mexico as well as the world. Puebla is home to ancient, Pre-Columbian ruins and pyramids even larger than the pyramids in Egypt! Merida is an ancient Mayan city, with Oaxaca also home to wonderful ruins perfect for exploring. Isla Mujeres, Guadalajara and Cozumel are also home to notable ruin sites, perfect for exploring with the entire family.

Seeing 'Real Mexico'

Some cities in Mexico are less about the beach, and more about exploring local, indigenous culture, art, culture and heritage. These are the perfect cities to go to if you want to see 'real Mexico,' and have an authentic Mexican experience. They are often cities of artists, indigenous peoples, with excellent food, architecture, art, museums, and outdoor markets. They often have large numbers of expatriates residing in them and are wonderful travel experiences for those looking to get beyond the beach.

Guadalajara, Merida, Oaxaca, Puebla, Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende are all excellent choices, with something special and unique about each one. Guadalajara is one of Mexico's largest cultural centers and is home to Mariachi music and the Jose Cuervo tequila distillery. Merida is a former Mayan city, with one of the oldest cathedrals in all of North America. Oaxaca is a small beach city with archeological dig sites over 1,000 years old and wonderful beaches. Puebla is home to gorgeous 16th and 17th century colonial era buildings and the oldest library in North America. Queretaro has churches and aqueducts dating back to the 15, 16 and 1700's. San Miguel de Allende is home to numerous American expatriates, with famous Baroque and Neoclassical architecture.

Tip: Do a little research on the Flighthub site before booking your next trip to find out about each Mexican city, in order to plan your perfect vacation! Whether you want white sand beaches, Mayan ruins or authentic, Colonial Mexican cities, Mexico offers you all that and more.

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Information about travelling to Mexico

  • Cellphone owners in Mexico
    100.786 million (13th)
  • Internet users in Mexico
    31.02 million (12th)
  • Sex ratio of Mexico
    0.96 male/female
  • Area of Mexico
    1 964 375 km² (14th)
  • Currency exchange rate
    MX$1.00(MXN) = USD 0.06(USD)
  • Languages of Mexico
    Spanish only 92.7%
    Spanish and indigenous languages 5.7%
    indigenous only 0.8%
    unspecified 0.8%