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About Puerto Rico

Northeast Caribbean’s most beautiful island is Puerto Rico. It’s an unincorporated protectorate of US bordered by Virgin Islands and the Dominican. This country has several attractions that are suitable for singles, couples and families on vacation. Though the island is relatively small in size, it has a dynamic climate and topography which support lots of rare birds and animals. The term Puerto Rico in Spanish dialect means the ‘Isle of Charm.’ Tourists should see to believe that this is really a Caribbean paradise.

The terrain is largely mountainous though it gently slopes as one approaches the great coastal plains. There are several small river systems running through this island including the elevated central mountains region, though the inner lands are well watered south region tends to be considerably dry. Visitors can have cheap flights to Puerto Rico by coming along with their children, some airline companies actually charge less for families on vacation.

Arecibo is a small town found in this country, the locals also call it La Villa Correa for its rich history and pretty countryside. The good thing about Arecibo is that the finest attractions are absolutely free, you don’t have to pay anything for climbing its huge countryside rocks, plus fishing in the cool rain forest rivers is also allowed. Furthermore, natives are very friendly and would even offer assistance when tourists need it. Most of them can understand English though in a basic way, so you are advised not to use heavy words, as they may not understand. During your free time, visit the cafeteria or local restaurant for some sumptuous traditional desserts and beverages, these delicacies are especially served in generous amounts to visitors. Cheap flights to Puerto Rico can now be enjoyed by those who register for online voucher tickets.

The city center has a green, well-kept amusement park where people often meet to play and have fun with their families. There are many interesting kid activities in this place such as face painting, bungee jumping and also face painting. Moving on, most tourists love the hotels in Puerto Rico which border the shimmering beachfront. From the balcony of their rooms, they often take photos of the sun sinking away into the sea every evening.

Information about travelling to Puerto Rico

  • Sex ratio of Puerto Rico
    0.92 male/female
  • Cellphone owners in Puerto Rico
    3.06 million (130th)
  • Industries of Puerto Rico
    food products
  • The capital city of Puerto Rico
    San Juan
  • Ethnic groups of Puerto Rico
    white 75.8%
    black/African American 12.4%
    other 8.5%
    mixed 3.3%
  • Internet users in Puerto Rico
    1 million (100th)