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How much do things cost in Aruba?
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 2.00
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre USD 1 500.00
Local draught beer USD 3.00
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre USD 649.63
Mid-range restaurant USD 30.00
Taxi start USD 16.00
Lettuce USD 2.00
Combo meal at McDonalds USD 6.00
Oranges (1kg) USD 5.00
* All price are converted to USD

About Aruba

Aruba Island is an eye-striking landmass found 15 miles off the shorelines of Venezuela. It also an independent country with strong socio-economic relationship with Netherlands, in fact most of the tourists who visit this land are of Dutch descent. The landmass stretches 30 km in length and 9 km breadth-wise, covering a total area of 184 kilometers square. Aruba’s terrain is mainly composed of a flatland plain, there aren't any major rivers traversing this land and the climatic is tropical with occasional light showers coming in from Atlantic Ocean. To qualify for cheap flights to Aruba discounts, travelers should always be on the lookout for airline ticket promotions.

There are two main shorelines in this region and they are the south west and north east coasts. These tourist attractions are characterized by turquoise warm waters, golden sandy beaches, rugged cacti and much more. A Natural Pool known as Conchi is also found at the northern territory of this island. Nevertheless, the landscape of this region is quite rugged and you’ll need a good 4x4 car to reach these pools. To enjoy your trip and cut on travel costs it’s highly recommended to use cheap flights to Aruba, they are mostly available during the weekend.

The oldest chapel is known as Alto Visto found at northern territories, this is the first ever religious building to be constructed in this land. It’s quite picturesque and boasts of a dynamic historical heritage that dates back hundreds of years. A short distance from this attraction is the Aloe Factory. It offers tourists the opportunity of watching firsthand how raw Aloe Vera is converted to finished products.

There are fine hotels in Aruba where visitors can spend the night safely. The city offers special sleeping arrangements for both individuals and families, there are resort in downtown, central business area and the beach. Some of these accommodations are Hilton, Holiday Inn and Marriot Inn each having its unique set of facilities and accessories for comfort. The Marriot resort for instance consists of three pubs, outdoor swimming pools, casino and two gymnasiums. Nowadays, these accommodations allow for modern forms of payment such as credit card transfer, wire payment and online transactions

Information about travelling to Aruba

  • Energy generated from Aruba
    Fossil fuels 88%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 0%
    Other renewable sources 11%
  • Ethnic groups of Aruba
    Dutch 82.1%
    Colombian 6.6%
    Venezuelan 2.2%
    Dominican 2.2%
    Haitian 1.2%
    other 5.5%
    unspecified 0.1%
  • The capital city of Aruba
  • Languages of Aruba
    Papiamento 69.4%
    Spanish 13.7%
    English 7.1%
    Dutch (official) 6.1%
    Chinese 1.5%
    other 1.7%
    unspecified 0.4%
  • Industries of Aruba
    transshipment facilities
  • Cellphone owners in Aruba
    135,000 (188th)