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About Isabela

Isabela town is found in the cool North West area of Puerto, it contains 13 unique wards and is surrounded by Aguadilla, San Sebastian as well as Quebradillas. Tourists would greatly enjoy spending time in this marvelous place. Some people have nicknamed this place a hybrid metropolis, owing to its unique geographical landscape, mountains, cliffs, lakes, forests and cool river systems. There are some cheap flights to Isabela that one can get to save money, these airline companies usually charge less for travelers who book tickets during the weekend. Apart from beautiful beach expanses, the place also has a high mountainous range with some hills rising as high as 1,000 ft over the sea.

In terms of Geography, this region belongs to the great North Coast Plain which also includes Aymamon Mountains. This feature forms part of the Jaicoa Range, which starts from the adjacent metropolis of Aguadilla coming down to this territory. The central expanse of this region comprises of a flatland, coastline terrain and a hilly outback rising 200 m above sea level. Travelers can enjoy cheap flights to Isabel by being on the alert for discount offers. There are certain seasons of the year when airlines drop ticket prices to attract more clients, take advantage of this opportunity when planning your vacation and save some good money.

There are comfortable hotels in Isabel where tourists can reside in and spend less. They offer services such as free breakfast so one would not have to worry about spending money for it. Guest may also enjoy chauffeur services to certain destinations that the hotel management recognizes; this is a very convenient program for those who are coming to the city for business. Looking for accommodations online is far much cheaper than doing it physically.

Moreover, there are certain web directories that list all services provided by these resort and costs. This makes it easier for the vacationers to plan ahead on what they would be requiring while on trip. There are different hotel categories that are available depending on one’s financial capacity, and they vary from 2-star to 5-star status. Good accommodations should be cost-effective and friendly for both individuals and families on vacation.

Information about travelling to Isabela

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Isabela
    39 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Isabela
    73.5 mm
  • Average temperature in winter for Isabela
    32 °C

Airports near Isabela

Rafael Hernandez Airport (Aguadilla)