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About Papua New Guinea

The island nation of Papua New Guinea is found in Oceania and it enjoys a mega diverse tropical climate. It has an incredible geographical landscape that features various eye-catching sites. Travelers need to plan early enough if they’re thinking of coming to this region. Before entering the country, you would be required to produce a valid 6 month passport and visa, also ensure that you book cheap flights to Papua New Guinea which allow for return tickets. This would help you avoid the airport jam that is usually witnessed when holiday season is over. Nevertheless, visitors may also obtain their stamped visas upon arrival at the Jackson Airstrip in Moresby area.

The Great Coral Reef is the world largest natural sea barrier that measures around 1,250 miles. It starts from the shores of Papua and stretches downwards to the Elliot Isles, which is opposite Bundaberg in Queensland. This picturesque spot is believed to be the world’s largest structure predominantly composed of living organisms. There are travel agents who can organize for you cheap flights to Papua New Guinea.

It has 2,000 distinct reef systems as well as 71 beautiful coral islands. Tourists are allowed to scuba dive in the tepid waters full of small colored fish, while underwater you would find that corals are actually created from the remains of small, flower like animals known as polyps. These delicate structures are bound together by algae, which is the adhesive holding polyp skeletons in place.

There are cool hotels in Papua New Guinea that you can book at your own convenience. Airways resort is found next to Hubert Murray Arena, Lloyd Robson Center and the Parliament Building. It features various interesting things such as coffee café, bar and poolside bar. Moreover, room service facilities are offered throughout the day. This also resort serves hot breakfast buffet every morning at very affordable rates. Holiday Inn is another magnificent stay-in that you can enjoy with your family, it is found just a few meters from Papua University and Lloyd’s Oval.

Crown Plaza Hotel is also within the same locality, this spacious 4-star accommodation has some of the best modern facilities. Some recreational facilities in the place include a fitness center and external pool center. You will truly enjoy spending time in these comfortable hotels

Information about travelling to Papua New Guinea

  • Area of Papua New Guinea
    462 840 km² (55th)
  • Religions of Papua New Guinea
    Roman Catholic 27%
    Protestant 69.4%
    Baha'i 0.3%
    indigenous beliefs and other 3.3%
  • Industries of Papua New Guinea
    copra crushing
    palm oil processing
    plywood production
    wood chip production; mining ; crude oil production
    petroleum refining; construction
  • Ethnic groups of Papua New Guinea
  • Independence of Papua New Guinea
    16 September 1975

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 16 September
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(PGK) = $0.28(USD)