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  • Cellphone owners in Papua New Guinea
    2.709 million (134th)
  • Languages of Papua New Guinea
    Tok Pisin (official)
    English (official)
    Hiri Motu (official)
    some 836 indigenous languages spoken ; most languages have fewer than 1
    000 speakers
  • Industries of Papua New Guinea
    copra crushing
    palm oil processing
    plywood production
    wood chip production; mining ; crude oil production
    petroleum refining; construction
  • Religions of Papua New Guinea
    Roman Catholic 27%
    Protestant 69.4%
    Baha'i 0.3%
    indigenous beliefs and other 3.3%
  • Internet users in Papua New Guinea
    125,000 (152nd)
  • Age structure of Papua New Guinea
    0-14-years 35%
    15-24-years 19.7%
    25-54-years 36.2%
    55-64-years 3.9%
    65-years-and-over 3.8%