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About New Zealand

The country of New Zealand is composed of two major islands and lies to the south east of Australia. The north part island is flatter and has a warmer climate than the south part island, although the south island is said to be more beautiful than the north. You can get direct cheap flights to New Zealand or choose to travel to nearby Australia and choose a boat ride to New Zealand, which can be cheaper for some than flying directly to New Zealand.

If you visit the South Island, you’ll be able to explore the mountains and even see glaciers close up. The north island is the place to visit when you want to try water sports or shop at one of the many outlets around the island. You can fly to either of the two islands when you choose cheap flights to New Zealand, and it is often popular to hire a motorhome for the duration of the stay so that you can explore the whole of the country. There are many places to park and stay overnight, including designated campervan parks, which are safe and offer amenities. This is a good alternative to staying in hotels in New Zealand during your stay.

The locals are very welcoming to tourists, and you should make the most of the community spirit in the country. Residential barbeques and meetings are frequent, and you will be able to taste local cuisine, and enjoy the Maori culture and lifestyle during your stay. In the main cities, you’ll find all kinds of types of dining too so if traditional New Zealand food isn’t for you, you will still have plenty of options to choose from.

There are many options for you when you come to visit New Zealand. If you have chosen to visit the north island, you may wish to stay in camping style lodgings, although in the main cities, there are countless apartments and luxury hotels for those wishing to stay in hotels in New Zealand. You can find many great hostels too, and many backpackers often choose hostels in the south island when they are trekking through the mountains.

Information about travelling to New Zealand

  • Age structure of New Zealand
    0-14-years 20%
    15-24-years 13.9%
    25-54-years 40.4%
    55-64-years 14.3%
    65-years-and-over 14%
  • The capital city of New Zealand
  • Religions of New Zealand
    Christian 44.3%
    Hindu 2.1%
    Buddhist 1.4%
    Maori Christian 1.3%
    Islam 1.1%
    other religion 1.4%
    objected to answering 4.1%
  • Area of New Zealand
    267 710 km² (76th)
  • Independence of New Zealand
    26 September 1907

    National Holiday : Waitangi Day , 6 February
  • Sex ratio of New Zealand
    0.99 male/female