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About Kiribati

The nation of Kiribati is a small independent state that makes up part of the Commonwealth Countries. It’s found around 4,000 km from South West Hawaii and is also referred to as Micronesia, the nation comprises of 33 reef islands that are subdivided into three islet groups which are the Line, Gilbert and Phoenix Islands. All of these isles are ring-shaped and have a central lagoon, apart from Banaba which is unusually raised and contains high limestone deposits. Out of all the landmasses 21 have been inhabited by humans, the capital city of this country is Tarawa and it also acts as the administrative hub. You can also book cheap flights to Kiribati from your country.

Found right at the heart of equatorial pacific, Kiribati offers visitors an opportunity to enjoying world-class sport fishing. The surrounding waters are full of edible fish of all shapes, sizes, color and breeds. You would truly enjoy fishing within these pristine waters. The region also offers an amazing opportunity to sample from different cultures that reside here. Some local tribes have intricate social structures with family roles that have been passed down from one generation to another, spanning 1000 yrs back. There are direct cheap flights to Kiribati that can be hired.

This is an ecological haven tucked away in the deep sea. Kiribati is among the few places on earth where you can find amazing sea life, such as the rare fly fish which can be seen in just a few destinations. The cultural heritage of this country is very profound. If you visit at certain times of the year you would see religious, traditional and national celebrations that are always lively and captivating. Handicrafts and local souvenirs are also sold in local stores at very affordable rates; visitors can buy these artifacts to remind them of their stay in Kiribati.

There are nice hotels in this region such as Captain Cook, Ikari House, Crystal Beach and the Adventure Lodge. However, the oldest resort in this nation is Captain Cook which was named after the legendary English explorer. This hotel has accommodated tourists ever since it was established many years ago, it’s adjacent to the beach and surrounded by white sands. Other hotels in Kiribati are Moumou guesthouse and The Villages, Mou allows visitors to relax and relish the tranquil life found on Atoll Island which is the globe’s biggest coral reef.

Information about travelling to Kiribati

  • Independence of Kiribati
    12 July 1979

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 12 July
  • Age structure of Kiribati
    0-14-years 31.5%
    15-24-years 21.3%
    25-54-years 37.8%
    55-64-years 4%
    65-years-and-over 3.9%
  • Ethnic groups of Kiribati
    I-Kiribati 89.5%
    I-Kiribati/mixed 9.7%
    Tuvaluan 0.1%
    other 0.8%
  • Religions of Kiribati
    Roman Catholic 55.8%
    Kempsville Presbyterian Church 33.5%
    Mormon 4.7%
    Baha'i 2.3%
    Seventh-Day Adventist 2%
    other 1.5%
    unspecified 0.05%
  • Currency exchange rate
    A$1.00(AUD) = USD 0.67(USD)
  • The capital city of Kiribati