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About New Caledonia

Travelling to New Caledonia is the best gift that you can give your kids come holiday season, this incredible island shall leave you dumbfound with its natural beauty, perfect weather and tons of activities to enjoy. Take time to unwind by in the indigenous restaurants that serve everything your heart could ever desire, these include prawns, lobsters, sea fish, shark meat, fruit salads and hot chocolate tea during cold seasons. You can also relax by the beach and enjoy the sun at your own leisure. In essence, this country has everything a visitor needs to feel warm and welcomed. Tourists can enjoy cheap flights to New Caledonia at no extra cost.

Tjibaou Cultural Site is found in the capital city Noumea, it’s a good place to learn the nation’s heritage and history. The building which houses these artifacts is also unique and samples ancient French architecture. You can enjoy the plays, present exhibitions and various cultural concerts arranged by the local people.

Visitors can get cheap flights to New Caledonia if they are keen enough to do a proper search on services they want, there are reputable travel agents who can help you arrange for your trip beforehand and therefore save on money. The catamaran boats are often used by natives to move from one island to another, you can book one today but there are certain passenger guidelines that need to be followed. For instance, one is warned from standing when the boat is making its way through the waters.

New Caledonia has white sandy beaches that speak life and fun, people visit these shores with their families to enjoy games sc as beach ball, volleyball and surfing. This small island nation has everything you need to have some nice time in a foreign country; scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities that can be taken by adults. You can enjoy some quality time exploring the rich landscape and all that it has to offer; remember to carry a photograph since some of these things found here are simply memorable. The hotels in New Caledonia are mostly found along the beach line to give visitors the best sea view. Their rooms are also cost friendly, fully fitted with modern facilities and very clean.

Information about travelling to New Caledonia

  • Energy generated from New Caledonia
    Fossil fuels 76%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 15%
    Other renewable sources 7%
  • The population of New Caledonia
    204 863 (180th)
  • Independence of New Caledonia

    National Holiday : Fete de la Federation, 14 July
  • Age structure of New Caledonia
    0-14-years 23.6%
    15-24-years 17%
    25-54-years 42.8%
    55-64-years 8.5%
    65-years-and-over 8.2%
  • Religions of New Caledonia
    Roman Catholic 60%
    Protestant 30%
    other 10%
  • Area of New Caledonia
    18 575 km² (156th)