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About Marshall Islands

Marshall Island is composed of two streams of natural coral atolls, along with 1,000 other islets that are found north of Equatorial line. These atolls consist of coral deposits found at crater edges of underwater volcanoes, these isles were first occupied by America after Second World War before they became sovereign a few years ago.

Marshall is famous for its golden sandy beaches which stretch down to Central Pacific, forming two adjacent lagoons that resemble emerald sets and extend a distance of roughly 750,000 sq. miles. These sandy chains are referred to as Ralik and Ratak, the region covers 29 atolls as well as 5 private islands that form part of the entire ecosystem. The main tourist attractions in this country is the underwater marine life, there’s a splendid mix of crustaceans and coral that line the beach. Visitors are also promised constant support from the tour guides, they are very friendly and always ready to help those who are lost or simply want to visit new places.

Many tourists have correctly named this country the pacific’s pearl, it boasts of a picturesque setting that’s both welcoming and charming. Some quality resorts in Marshall Island include Long Island Resort, Marshall’s Resort and also Serendipper. You can now book cheap flights to Marshall Islands.

Robert Reimers Hotel borders the calm, blue sea to the south and is a god place to stay with the family. All rooms are fitted with modern amenities which ensure that guests have best time ever, there’s a private swimming pool, sauna, hot tub and revitalizing treated mud baths. At sunset you can visit the adjacent bar to relish some cocktails, while also watching the sun sink down into the horizon. Cheap flights to Marshall Islands can also be booked from the internet.

The area surrounding this hotel is quite diverse with features such as gift shops, grocery stalls and indigenous restaurants. A vast shoreline also acts as the main transportation hub that connects tour yachts, fishermen boats and other picnickers who just want to have fun. Hotels also vary in room design from tropical bungalows, lanai rooms and efficiency style rooms. You can tour Marshall Islands for leisure, business, sightseeing or adventure. No matter the reason, of your tour, hotels in Marshall Islands have enough facilities and resources to help you achieve your dream.

Information about travelling to Marshall Islands

  • The population of Marshall Islands
    70 822 (196th)
  • Sex ratio of Marshall Islands
    1.04 male/female
  • Ethnic groups of Marshall Islands
    Marshallese 92.1%
    mixed Marshallese 5.9%
    other 2%
  • Age structure of Marshall Islands
    0-14-years 36.6%
    15-24-years 17.5%
    25-54-years 36.9%
    55-64-years 3.4%
    65-years-and-over 3.3%
  • Cellphone owners in Marshall Islands
    3,800 (215th)
  • Religions of Marshall Islands
    Protestant 54.8%
    Assembly of God 25.8%
    Roman Catholic 8.4%
    Bukot nan Jesus 2.8%
    Mormon 2.1%
    other Christian 3.6%
    none 1.5%