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About Bayaguana

The district of Bayaguana is located in the province of Monte Plata in Dominican Republic. The province itself has a lot to give especially to those who are looking for the beauty of the beach. They are above anyone else when it comes to the wonders only a body of water can offer. Their shores are long and serene. The district of Bayaguna has only few residents living in the area. This makes it better for a lot of tourists to enjoy the place that is not so abused. There will not be so much competition in the goods and services that visitors and residents consume. Hotels in Bayaguana are not as crowded as what you can get with the other hot spots in this country.

It is good to have a vacation here at Bayaguna because it is one of the places that can offer the cheapest accommodation and other services. They are not that well-known, thus their prices are not as high as the others. There are even cheap flights to Bayaguana that will cost tourists less than what they spend with the other urban areas. One can enjoy a bountiful meal at a very low cost. The ambiance, aroma and the satisfaction that one can get are not compensated. The locals of Bayaguana are all out when it comes to customer service.

Being a naturally agricultural place, Bayaguana has a lot to give when talking about crops, fruits and vegetables. They specialize in the production of rice, pineapple and coconut, too. And, on top of all these treats, you can have the chance to visit their farms. The twist happens when you choose to ride at the back of a horse instead of a car. The locals are offering this. Everything will be more challenging especially for the first timers if the horse will be the chosen vehicle to use.

The town of Bayaguana is a giant paradise in bloom. Cheap flights to Bayaguana are worth taking especially now that it has fresh scenic spots to offer. This can be the cheapest yet the most fulfilling vacation that you could ever have.

Information about travelling to Bayaguana

  • Average temperature for this month in Bayaguana
    31 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Bayaguana
    94.5 mm
  • Maximum temperature during the year in Bayaguana
    39 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    RD$1.00(DOP) = $0.02(USD)

Airports near Bayaguana

Las Americas International Airport (Santo Domingo)