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How much do things cost in Switzerland?
Taxi 1km USD 4.31
Taxi 1hour Waiting USD 68.06
Coke bottle USD 4.44
Mid range bottle of wine USD 13.61
Milk (1 liter) USD 1.63
1 Pair of Jeans USD 134.23
Taxi start USD 6.81
Combo meal at McDonalds USD 14.75
One-way ticket (local transport) USD 3.97
Monthly Pass (local transport) USD 79.40
* All price are converted to USD

About Switzerland

Switzerland is of course a country that the whole world knows, but not one often visited when the traveller has the choice to make on exactly where to go within Europe. But when Europe offers the visitor so much choice when choosing their destination, why not go to the country that in many ways offers a lovely mix of so many of the Europe’s top destinations?

Switzerland is perhaps best known for its winter sports. There are few if any better destinations that the Alps for a skiing holiday. St Moritz, Gstaad, an Zermatt are just a few of the names that spring most easily to mind when thinking about heading off to the world’s best pistes.

Switzerland is also a popular destination for many for summer sports too with its pleasant climate and beautiful lakes making it the perfect destination for water skiing, boating, and many other lake based activities.

Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Switzerland and while they will usually deposit you in Zurich, Geneva, or Basel, Switzerland has much more to offer than the great delights that can be found in these cities. For those who travel to Switzerland for the first time it is perhaps a surprise to realize just how much diversity there is in this place, not simply because of having FOUR official languages, but more so because of the varied cultural influences that have left their mark over the centuries. It is easy to be enjoying a bratwurst and beer in a traditional inn for lunch and then be enjoying an elegant past meal with an especially good bottle of Merlot at dinner in a chic granite grotto.

Switzerland is also the home to great churches and cathedrals with perhaps the best and most beautiful of these to be found in Lausanne and Bern, but there are also highly interesting treasures to be found in less popular destinations such as St Gallen and Mustair. Cheap flights to Switzerland make all corners of this place within easy reach no matter what the time constraints there might be on your stay.

Cheap flights to Switzerland will, however, most likely make the visitor’s first port of call Geneva. This sleek, cosmopolitan city is a rare beautiful breed; a place where three languages are easily exchanged, sitting on the bank of a beautiful Alpine lake, it is a city often mistaken for the capital when in fact it is not and is actually only the country’s third biggest city. It is, be wanred, an expensive city full of boutigues, fine dining restaurants, and a mass of five star hotels, and don’t forget the jewellers, and luxury chocolate shops! The visitor to Switzerland can have an amazing time here, but don’t forget your wallet.

Cheap flights to Switzerland are there if you search for them. Zurich is perhaps the place where a lot of these will fly into. Flights to Switzerland may not be as plentiful as they are to its neighbours, but there are still many connections each day. Zurich was unfairly known as a boring city, not surprising as it is the financial capital, but more and more it is taking on the moniker of a trendy and vibrant place to visit. It is the home to hundreds of bars and restaurants and also the world’s biggest annual street carnival. And with its church steeples and mountainous backdrop it is the perfect place from which to start out on a wider journey into the heart of Switzerland.

So Switzerland is probably a place brimming with much more than you might have expected. From its remotest villages to its most cosmopolitan city, Switzerland is, like Forrest Gump so sagely said, a box of chocolates just dying to be tried!

Information about travelling to Switzerland

  • Sex ratio of Switzerland
    0.97 male/female
  • The population of Switzerland
    7 283 274 (92nd)
  • Paved roadways of Switzerland
    71 464 km

    (includes 1 415 of expressways)
  • Independence of Switzerland
    1 August 1291

    National Holiday : Founding of the Swiss Confederation, 1 August
  • Industries of Switzerland
    precision instruments
  • Age structure of Switzerland
    0-14-years 15.1%
    15-24-years 11.4%
    25-54-years 43.9%
    55-64-years 17.5%
    65-years-and-over 17.3%