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How much do things cost in Germany?
Eggs (12) USD 2.74
1 Pair of Nike shoes USD 106.78
Taxi 1km USD 2.35
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 124.44
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment USD 259.94
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff USD 0.13
Pack of cigarettes USD 6.91
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 12.44
Cappuccino USD 3.44
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About Germany

Germany becomes more and more by the day the real capital of Europe. With its land bordering nice other countries and its population running at over eighty million people, it is arguably the big boy on the European block. It is a country that has taken on the responsibility of leading Europe through its recent economic crisis as it continues to strive toward a brighter future that does not recall the horrors of the still not so distant past. Germany is a land of mass innovation, a place that has brought us such world luminaries as Einstein, Beethoven, Mark, and Goethe. Its links with these geniuses are undeniable but for those who travel to Germany it will perhaps be the country and its landscape which will leave the biggest impression. From the jagged Alpine peaks to its might rivers, its lost-in-time castles and magical forests, Germany really is a place where you can find beauty, wonder, and history in almost every corner. From skiing to hiking, and kayaking to camping, the German outdoor offers the visitor it all, but it is also a country of great cities, such as the amazing Dresden, the high-end Munich, or the vibrant hipster capital that is Berlin. The food throughout this great land may be not to the liking of those more accustomed to a finer palate, but bratwurst and some of the world’s greatest beers to wash it down are certainly treats that many will happily savour.

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Dresden will be forever associated with its almost complete destruction at the hand of the allies during the second world war, but before this it was considered to be the most beautiful city in Germany. Since reunification in 1990 Dresdeners have sought to rebuild their city in order to bring back some hint of its lost beauty. Many of its former iconic buildings have been restored and perhaps the crowning achievement of this is the Frauenkirche which was unveiled in 2005. Aside from the rediscovery of its Baroque past, Dresden today is a vibrant, fun place where history and modernity coexist peacefully.

Flights to Germany may well bring you to Cologne which was for centuries truly Germany’s metropolis. It was a buzzing, thriving city long before Berlin and Munich, in part thanks to its location beside the Rhine River. It may not be the most beautiful city in Germany but its historic past means it is certainly a site of great architectural importance, epitomized best by its great cathedral. It is a fun-loving city with excellent museums, galleries, and beer! And it is also a hidden city in many ways with the most interesting and multi-faceted parts of it to be found just beyond what may seem to be the principal tourist destinations. Seek out the locals and discover the true essence of this great city.

Berlin needs little introduction. It is an intoxicating mix of the socialist eastern past and the highly modern, progressive western future. It is not a city where you can simply wander through the city and feel as though you have experienced its center. It is a topnotch of funky neighborhoods and vast open spaces of great architectural and historic import. You can walk beside the places where the old dividing between east and west of not only Berlin and Europe used to stand when visiting the Berlin wall and then pay a visit great works of art in one of its excellent museums or galleries. And then there is the night life, thanks to its relatively low cost of life Berlin has quickly become the cool European destination, filled with artists, amazing creative spaces, bars, and nightclubs which are the envy of the world. It might be an almost no-go area in its bitter winter months, but this is a city all must see, especially in the spring or early autumn.

Information about travelling to Germany

  • Energy generated from Germany
    Fossil fuels 51%
    Nuclear fuels 7%
    Hydroelectricity 6%
    Other renewable sources 36%
  • Independence of Germany
    18 January 1871

    National Holiday : Unity Day, 3 October
  • Internet users in Germany
    65.125 million (5th)
  • Age structure of Germany
    0-14-years 13%
    15-24-years 10.6%
    25-54-years 41.7%
    55-64-years 21.1%
    65-years-and-over 20.9%
  • Paved roadways of Germany
    645 000 km

    (includes 12 800 km of expressways)
  • Languages of Germany