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About France

France for many is the epitome of Europe both old and new. It is a country steeped in history, the birthplace and adopted home of some of the world’s most influential thinkers and artists, and one that offers contrasting landscapes of beauty that are hard to match anywhere in the world. It is not a country that simply takes pleasure in the wealth of its past but one that leads the way in the new Europe of today

For those looking to travel to France there are a whole plethora of choices before making a decision on exactly where it is that you want to go. For many Paris is the first stop on any trip that takes in France. A city that is considered by most to be the most beautiful capital city in the world is a must for any first time traveller. With most cheap flights to France arriving in Paris it is a city that even those who have visited the city before could very easily visit again in order to retrace old steps, or to discover new sights missed on a previous visit.

The Louvre, the Eifel Towel, the church of the Sacred Heart, the narrow winding city streets of Montmartre that give wonderful views out over the city; there is always something within this special destination that is worth seeing again or discovering anew.

Flighthub offer the cheapest flights into France and within the country itself there is also the opportunity to fly internally. France is a large country in European terms and whilst the internal train and bus networks are excellent, internal flights are an interesting alternative to look into when considering a trip that takes in more than Paris.

The Loire Valley is perhaps one of France’s most visited destinations after Paris for those who travel to France. This breath-taking area of France is a fairy tale wonderland of ancient chateaux, rivers, and never ending meadows. Aside from visiting the numerous castles and picturesque little villages within this region, there are also great opportunities to be had for cycling enthusiasts, wine lovers, and golfers.

Further south there is the world famous city of Bordeaux. A classical yet modern city just off the Atlantic coast whose vibrant nightlife and wide open boulevards offer a different, more relaxed take on life than that found in Paris and the smaller villages of the north.

From Bordeaux the delights of the Dordogne are less than a couple of hours away. In this glorious part of France the visitor can expect to find the beautiful clean flowing river which gives the region its name and also undulating green valleys dotted with farms which are open to the public, selling local specialities such as canard, honey, and, of course, the most delicious red wine! This is an area also famous for its Palaeolithic caves and the drawings on them which are still visible today. Many of these sites offer tours into the hearts of the caves, with perhaps the most famous of these being at Lascaux.

On the south-east coast, those who travel to France will have the delights of the old, gypsy influenced feel of Marseille, or the more refined and exclusive haunts of the rich and famous on the French Riviera. Whether you want to sample the real authentic feel of port life in France’s second biggest city in Marseille, or head up to the refined climes of the croisette in Cannes, this is a part of France where there is truly something for everybody. From sun-kissed beaches and yacht parties of the coast of Nice to simply a brief stop-off before heading further south and the mountainous region of the Pyrenees, or north to Provence, this is a part of France where it there are always options.

It is impossible to do justice to a country so rich in history and geographically beautiful in so few words. Flights to France, to this paradise, are aplenty right now. You owe it to yourself to discover this wondrous land first hand. Bon Voyage!

Information about travelling to France

  • Currency exchange rate
    €1.00(EUR) = USD 1.09(USD)
  • Age structure of France
    0-14-years 18.7%
    15-24-years 11.9%
    25-54-years 38.6%
    55-64-years 18.3%
    65-years-and-over 17.9%
  • Area of France
    643 801 km²; 551 500 km² (metropolitan France) (43rd)
  • Languages of France
    French (official) 100%
    rapidly declining regional dialects and languages
  • Ethnic groups of France
    Celtic and Latin with Teutonic
    North African
    Basque minorities
  • Independence of France
    no official date of independence; year 486

    National Holiday : Fete de la Federation, 14 July