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About Lugoj

Lugoj, situated on the Timi? River banks, is a historically-significant city that has a number of attractions for tourists flying in on the cheap flights to Lugoj; there are a number of historical monuments that recount the days of its importance as the last capital of the revolutionary government of Hungary, and the last refuge of several leaders of the Revolution before they fled to the safety of the Ottoman Empire.

The bell of St. Nicholas Tower is the most ancient relic belonging to the St. Nicholas church-monastery of Lugoj, having been built sometime in the 14th and 15th centuries. The Assumption Orthodox Church is one of the most striking buildings built in the Baroque style of architecture; the church is of mammoth dimensions with the height reaching 57 meters; the great acoustics are taken advantage of to host the yearly Easter concert of the Lugoj Culture House. The Joseph Constatin Dr?gan Square is located between the City Hall and Iron Bridge. The Iron Bridge, built to replace the earlier wooden one, joins the two banks of the Timi? River and has united the town for over 35 years; the construction required 185 tons of steel to be brought by ox-cart from Resita. Cheap flights to Lugoj have made this sort of an effort a thing of the past.

The Old Prefecture building that was built during 1843 -1859 is a massive building on the eastern side of the Joseph Constatin Dr?gan Square with a magnificent and sober façade style in the neoclassical manner. The interior that has gone several alterations has lovely staircases and floor fashioned out of mammoth tree trunks. The building first housed the Severin County administration, then Caras-Severin and, finally, the County’s Prefecture. The Romano-Catholic Church, completed in 1723, sits on the Timis River’s left bank and has a tower built on 16 oak pillars; the clock tower was erected in 1828. It has an organ that hails from 1832. The Museum of History and Ethnography with its nearly 65,000 artifacts is an unmatched resource on the region’s heritage. The best way of enjoying this fabulous historical city is to stay back for a few days in one of the welcoming hotels in Lugoj.

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