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About Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia, situated on the banks of the Mure? River, is a historically-important city in Alba County. One of the most ancient Romanian settlements, it served as an important military and commercial centre for the Romans who built many buildings, residences and monuments in the style of their original Roman counterparts. Apart from the splendid historical edifices that draw tourists from all over the world with plentiful cheap flights to Alba Iulia, there are some marvellous scenic attractions and opportunities for adventure sports in the surrounds.

The Alba Iulia citadel, built during 1716-35, is the largest in South-eastern Europe. Outstanding in its magnificence, the citadel has splendid architectural elements and six imposing gates built in early Baroque architectural style. Those arriving by cheap flights to Alba Iulia will be thrilled to discover that there are many more historical attractions in the city.

The 16th century Princely Palace that first served as the royal residence of Prince Mihai Viteazul was destroyed by the subsequent Ottoman and Tatar conquests but was thereafter restored to some extent and served as a military barrack. The Batthyaneum Library is a repository of rare books and manuscripts; there are over 60,000 documents, including some extremely-important religious texts. Close by is the Apor Palace that was constructed in the latter part of the 17th century to serve as the abode of Prince Apor. Orthodox Cathedral of the Reunification, an imposing monument, was constructed to commemorate the reunification of Transylvania and Romania. King Ferdinand I and Queen Marie, the first rulers of the united land, were crowned here.

The 13th century Roman Catholic Cathedral features some of the most splendid interiors decorated in early Renaissance style; an ethereal atmosphere is created with the light streaming in from the Gothic windows. The tombs of Prince Iancu de Hunedoara and the former Queen of Hungary, Isabella Jagiello, lie here. The National Museum of Unification is a treasure house of artifacts; there are over one hundred rooms dedicated to displaying the cultural and military traditions of the region. To fully appreciate the immense heritage, the best way is to check into one of the many hotels in Alba Iulia for a few unforgettable days.

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