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How much do things cost in Thailand?
Taxi 1km $0.17
Chicken breasts at the market $3.08
Lettuce $0.83
1 Pair of Jeans $49.48
Cappuccino $1.73
Local draught beer $1.86
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre $1 144.28
Mid range bottle of wine $15.51
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre $438.77
Apples (1kg) $2.25
* All price are converted to USD

About Thailand

Thailand is a deeply cultural and beautiful country to visit. With Thai as its main language, this Asian country boasts a favorable climate and friendly locals. Tourists visit the country each year to explore its beautiful landscapes and experience the vibrant atmosphere and community spirit of the place. As the country is developing, it is affordable to visit, and it is possible to directly travel to this country with cheap flights to Thailand.

Throughout the world, Thai cuisine is a popular delicacy. There are several expensive banquet houses that tourists visit Thailand to experience, but if you are on a budget, you’ll find plenty of traditional eateries and restaurants across the country, where you can experience the traditional cooking styles of the Thai people.

If you have booked cheap flights to Thailand, but are not sure about where to stay when you arrive, how about choosing beach side camping. The favorable climate lends itself to camping, and many backpackers opt for camping holidays so that they can explore the mountains, or simply trek among the stunning Thai countryside.

If you visit areas such as Bangkok, you’ll find a vibrant and exciting nightlife. There are many clubs and entertainment shows that you can go and see, all at affordable prices. It is quite an experience, and is popular among the younger adult tourists who come to stay in hotels in Thailand.

When you are looking at accommodation in Thailand, you’ll find that it’s not only hotels that you can choose from. There are all kinds of unusual choices too when it comes to affordable accommodation. Why not book the tree house hotel in Bangkok. This is a modern hotel that is set in the treetops of Bangkok and boasts an eco-friendly operation. The hotel itself is in a stunning location with amazing views all around. It is suitable for families, groups or couples who are travelling around Thailand. You could also choose from a variety of cheap apartments, hotels and hostels to stay in when you visit Thailand.

Information about travelling to Thailand

  • Cellphone owners in Thailand
    84.075 million (17th)
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(THB) = $0.03(USD)
  • The population of Thailand
    61 797 751 (19th)
  • Energy generated from Thailand
    Fossil fuels 89%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 10%
    Other renewable sources 0%
  • Independence of Thailand
    year 1238

    National Holiday : Birthday of King PHUMIPHON , 5 December
  • Age structure of Thailand
    0-14-years 17.6%
    15-24-years 15%
    25-54-years 46.9%
    55-64-years 9.5%
    65-years-and-over 9.8%