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Cheap Flights to China

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How much do things cost in China?
Taxi start $1.61
Chicken breasts at the market $4.17
Mid-range restaurant $24.11
Water bottle (1.5 liter) $0.62
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment $53.92
Pack of cigarettes $2.41
Water bottle (0.33 liter) $0.35
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $755.49
Oranges (1kg) $1.83
Imported beer at restaurant $4.02
* All price are converted to USD

About China

China is a large country found at the Eastern Side of Arab continent. It has numerous tour destinations such as pristine water parks, imperial palaces and rich folk custom. There are three key tourist cities in the region and these are Xian, Beijing and Shanghai. The Great Wall of China is an ancient fortress that was built by past kingdoms. Its function was to protect citizens from external invasion, and also give soldiers a vantage point over enemies at the battle field. There are cheap flights to China that connect people with their dream of visiting this magical country.

The sinuous Yangtze River has attracted many visitors over the years. You can hire a cruise boat to take you across this great river passing through various terrains, there are lush green mountains and old villages that express the region’s cultural heritage. Other great venues are River Li, Lake Hangzhou, Namtso Lake and a glimpse of the adjacent snowcapped Mt. Everest. There’s also a traditional museum with artworks of Terra Cotta soldiers and warrior horses, this heritage site is roughly 1.5 km on the eastern slopes of Shaanxi province. Tourists coming to China should definitely visit this amazing venue.

Another special venue is the Forbidden City. This center acted as home to kings and nobles in ancient times, it’s a good alternative for touring families since there are activities that are suitable for all age groups. Located at the CBD is a museum of souvenirs that have been collected over time, they offer tourists the opportunity of glimpsing into the rich history and background of Chinese people.

There are 5,000 hotels to stay in as a tourist visiting China for the first time. These luxurious inns are fitted with special accessories like high capacity internet and reliable Wi-Fi. Thus, clients can request for special services such as cloth ironing, free international calls and door breakfast. Nevertheless, be assured that the cost of accessing these extra services is higher than regular packages. There are some cheap flights to China which could be chosen at your own convenience. The payment plan is also efficient and visitors can pay in manageable installment, you can also go online to get more details about the accommodation centers that are available. You should always conduct a thorough background research before settling for any hotels in China.

Information about travelling to China

  • Currency exchange rate
    ¥1.00(CNY) = $0.15(USD)
  • Age structure of China
    0-14-years 17.1%
    15-24-years 14.7%
    25-54-years 47.2%
    55-64-years 9.6%
    65-years-and-over 9.4%
  • Religions of China
    Buddhist 18.2%
    Christian 5.1%
    Muslim 1.8%
    folk religion note: officially atheist
  • Languages of China
    Standard Chinese or Mandarin (official; Putonghua
    based on the Beijing dialect)
    minority languages
  • The capital city of China
  • The population of China
    1 273 111 290 (1st)