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How much do things cost in Pattaya?
Cappuccino $1.72
Cinema, international release, 1 seat $4.64
Oranges (1kg) $2.01
Combo meal at McDonalds $5.01
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $635.41
Coke bottle $0.75
Apples (1kg) $2.69
Imported beer at restaurant $2.16
Mid range bottle of wine $15.46
* All price are converted to USD

About Pattaya

Phatthaya or Pattaya can be found near the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The name of the city, Pattaya, was derived from the march of Phraya Tak from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi, which is later known as King Taksin’s march. The city is used to be a small fishing village until the 1960s. During the sixties, American servicemen that were part of the war in Vietnam arrived in Pattaya. Consequently, they relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful beaches found in the place. To date, there are over a million tourists that visit the Pattaya beach. Fishermen houses near the shore have been replaced by luxurious hotels in Pattaya that are said to have recorded over 4 million visiting tourists per year.

Cheaps flights to Pattaya can be found and available in online sites related to the Pattaya beach. The City of Pattaya is not only known for its beaches but for its other historical sites. One of the best places to visit in Pattaya is the Wat Khao Phra Bat temple. The place is overlooks Pattaya beach and has an 18 meter tall Buddha statue. There are many other local attractions such as the Sanctuary of Truth. The Sanctuary of Truth was constructed in 1981 and it is found near the sea. This wooden structure was said to have been conceived by the vision that the creators had on religious and philosophical truths. Many tourists can take cheap flights to Pattaya and visit these attractions.

Thailand’s Pattaya beach province is a natural wonder of the world as it captivates millions of tourists year by year. Its natural and historic attractions get millions of visits by tourists wanting to see the wonders and beauty of the place. It has a lot of other man-made attractions such as The Million Years Stone Park, Underwater World Pattaya, Thai Alangkarn Theater Pattaya, which is a traditional and cultural show. Another attraction is the Underwater World. This attraction has a collection of species of fish including sharks that are found in the gulf of Thailand. Tourists that visit Pattaya in Thailand will have a lot of things to do and see.

Information about travelling to Pattaya

  • Average temperature in Pattaya
    31 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Pattaya
    31 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Pattaya
    49.8 mm
  • Currency exchange rate
    ฿1.00(THB) = $0.03(USD)

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