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How much do things cost in Ko Samui?
Milk (1 liter) USD 1.38
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff USD 0.05
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult USD 30.91
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 0.61
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 10.82
Eggs (12) USD 2.19
Loaf of white bread USD 1.38
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 108.19
Chicken breasts at the market USD 2.78
* All price are converted to USD

About Ko Samui

Ko Samui in Thailand should be written on your bucket list if you are in love with how islands give the perfect nature adventure. It is one of the largest islands in the country, thus, you can expect to see more from its coast. It can be reached via cheap flights to Ko Samui and another road trip to the main island. This island is already known to tourists because of its beautiful sunsets and sceneries. It has a jungle located at its centermost part that makes the entire stay more exciting and fun.

A visit to this island will never be complete without bathing in its crystal clear beaches while having a dose of Thailand’s best delicacies. Truly, this place also houses a lot of fishermen, so the supply of seafood goodness is bountiful. You can always ask for the locals to give you something to take home after the trip and they will give it to you at a very low price. Forgetting all the problems that the cities give is what this place will give you. You will thank the Creator for giving human beings this great natural art.

The adventure does not end when you are already going wet and wild in the beach. Some hotels in Ko Samui offer a very challenging trip to the jungle. Individuals in the place can also be consulted for this service. You can also eat at this place but be sure to bring back with you all the materials that you are going to use because they are implementing strict rules here. The paradise located at the heart of the island will give you serene and tranquil voices of nature. It will never fail to wow you with its rock formations, flowery plants, small bodies of water and many more.

This place is the answer to all the cravings of people who want to get close to nature. You do not have to think twice and doubt the pictures that you see on the Internet. Book cheap flights to Ko Samui right now and experience all these. You will never regret it.

Information about travelling to Ko Samui

  • Average temperature in Ko Samui
    30 °C
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Ko Samui
    13 °C
  • Average temperature in winter for Ko Samui
    29 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    ฿1.00(THB) = USD 0.03(USD)

Airports of Ko Samui

Koh Samui