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How much do things cost in India?
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre USD 102.36
Loaf of white bread USD 0.38
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 37.65
Coke bottle USD 0.35
Eggs (12) USD 0.82
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 3.31
Taxi start USD 0.50
Oranges (1kg) USD 1.17
Local draught beer USD 1.41
Cappuccino USD 1.12
* All price are converted to USD

About India

India is an extremely beautiful country that’s ideal for full year tourism. Nevertheless, most people prefer coming during summertime when the sun is high and friendly. Moreover, there are comfortable hill-stations which can be used to chill and relax while listening to native songs or sipping indigenous wine. In short Indian vacations offer visitors an opportunity of escaping the stresses of daily life, and also discovering their fun side. Meghalaya is also referred to as the ‘Home of Clouds,’ this venue is quite popular for its special ambiance and appealing attractions.

There are various historic caves & sinuous waterfalls that make this country a splendid attraction. Some attractive destinations in this place are Cherrapunji and L. Ward. You can nowadays enjoy cheap flights to India by booking weekend tickets.

Another great place is Arunachal Pradesh, which is also referred to as the place of emerging sun. This district is popular for its lush green bushes, snow-capped mountains, rivulets and much more. The antique Tawang Monastry was built at around 17th century by a group of religious pilgrims, it has numerous interesting relics and artifacts that you would love exploring. Cheap flights to India can be enjoyed by inviting family members to the vacation, most airline companies offer discount ticket to passengers who travel as a group. Simply go to Flighthub's Google+ page to check our recent deals to India.

The Green Province of India or Sikkim is a great place for those who want to relish in natural attractions such as gushing streams, underground springs, pristine lakes and bamboo forests. Nonetheless, you need to hire a reputable tour guide for exploring the rugged outback terrain. Don’t make a mistake of venturing through the forests alone since there are wild animals living there, only an experienced tour guide would show you the safest routes to use.

A few interesting wildlife found in India include the dholes, gaurs and tigers. There are spectacular hotels in India where guests can spend their holidays. Moreover, these accommodations vary in class from standard versions to deluxe resorts with the latest amenities. They include facilities such as DSTV connection, free internet, spa, interior bar & restaurant. Some resorts also have tennis courts and swimming pools suitable for those who may want to keep fit during their stay.

Information about travelling to India

  • Religions of India
    Hindu 80.5%
    Muslim 13.4%
    Christian 2.3%
    Sikh 1.9%
    other 1.8%
    unspecified 0.1%
  • Internet users in India
    61.338 million (6th)
  • Energy generated from India
    Fossil fuels 70%
    Nuclear fuels 2%
    Hydroelectricity 19%
    Other renewable sources 7%
  • Languages of India
    Hindi 41%
    Bengali 8.1%
    Telugu 7.2%
    Marathi 7%
    Tamil 5.9%
    Urdu 5%
    other 5.9%
  • Age structure of India
    0-14-years 28.5%
    15-24-years 18.1%
    25-54-years 40.6%
    55-64-years 5.8%
    65-years-and-over 5.7%
  • Currency exchange rate
    ₹1.00(INR) = USD 0.01(USD)