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About United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is also known as UAE, it’s a large federation consisting of 7 protectorates found on the eastern border of Arabian Gulf. It has two coastlines, one with the Persian Gulf and the other with Oman Gulf. The countries of Oman and Saudi Arabia also surround it to the southeast and southwest respectively. Unlike other countries in the Arab world, this is a modern state with well developed buildings and infrastructure. In fact some tourists call it the ‘Disneyland’ of Asia. Visitors can use cheap flights to United Arab Emirates for purposes of saving.

The seven emirates have their own Sheikhs which are considerably autonomous owing to the massive oil revenues available. Moreover, the overall Prime Minister and President are chosen by a Supreme Council, which consists of representatives from the United Arab Emirates. In most cases, the Abu Dhabi king is elected president while that of Dubai takes the prime minister post. Cheap flights to United Arab Emirates can be enjoyed by booking tickets early.

The nation is quite dry and receives just a minimal amount of rain per year. Emirati consume water at high rates. There are big public parks with sprinklers that constantly churn water and resorts with beautiful landscaping. Visitors don’t have to pay any dime for using water in either apartments or hotels.

Weekends in United Arab Emirates start from Friday till Saturday evening. However, in some places business ends at Thursday afternoon and people resume work on Sunday. The world’s biggest sand dunes are found at Liwa Oasis near Abu Dhabi. The landscape is quite dynamic and varies from rugged mountain range, beautiful beaches and archaeological sites.

The outdoors are very interesting and feature lots of amazing natural attraction such as pristine waterfalls, fossils, freshwater lakes and high peak cliffs. The clean beautiful waters of Persian Gulf can be seen in Corniche. There are extensive beach-fronts that mark the horizon, and they range from wild undeveloped territories to magnificent private beaches. Some popular activities that one may participate in are snorkeling, deep sea diving, kayaking and sport fishing. Most hotels in United Arab Emirates are incredibly beautiful. These affordable accommodations vary in status from simple ones to first-class resorts. Visitors would definitely enjoy their time in this magnificent country.

Information about travelling to United Arab Emirates

  • Age structure of United Arab Emirates
    0-14-years 20.7%
    15-24-years 13.7%
    25-54-years 61.5%
    55-64-years 1%
    65-years-and-over 1%
  • Internet users in United Arab Emirates
    3.449 million (61st)
  • Energy generated from United Arab Emirates
    Fossil fuels 100%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 0%
    Other renewable sources 0%
  • Languages of United Arab Emirates
    Arabic (official)
  • Independence of United Arab Emirates
    2 December 1971

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 2 December
  • Ethnic groups of United Arab Emirates
    Emirati 19%
    other Arab and Iranian 23%
    South Asian 50%
    other expatriates 8%