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About Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a large country covering 4/5 of the entire Arabian Peninsula, it takes the shape of a rectangular highland gradually sloping towards the east and ending at Persian Gulf. Sarat and Sarawat mountain ranges run in opposite sides of the country finally meeting at Red Sea, the land is mainly composed volcanic rock residues particularly at the southern territory. Nevertheless, there are some places with prehistoric lava fields as well as fertile valleys that were formed thousands of years ago.

The country has quite some restrictive travel rules, particularly for those coming outside Non-Islamic countries. Foreigners who are using the country as a temporary transit route to other nations would not be required to obtain visas. Nonetheless, this exemption only lasts for 18 hrs and no more. Israeli citizens or those who are visiting Israel would automatically be denied this travel document. Saudi Arabia has an aloof relationship with this nation. There are no internal travel barriers in the country when travelling from one province to another. Boarding cheap flights to Saudi Arabia is the door to exploring the country’s beautiful natural resources.

There are several archaeological sites in the country such as Madain Saleh, Riyadg Museum and Madinah. Some remote regions, particularly those around Yemen and Iraqi have out-of-bound military zones. Visitors should avoid these places lest they get into trouble with authorities. Moving on, visitors who buy air tickets early enough would get amazing discount deals.

The hotels in Saudi Arabia vary in status from basic accommodations to deluxe ones. Smaller hotels are also available and they have negotiable price policies, nevertheless most of them only accept hard currency. Larger luxurious hotels can be found in the city center and they charge between 150-200 USD per night. They are recommendable for tourists who may want to bring their families along.

The rule of law applies in this country for both natives and visitors. Acts such as alcoholism, possession of hard drug, theft and murder are not tolerated. Photography is highly restricted. Visitors shouldn't take snapshots of government buildings especially the international airport, military barracks and office ministries. Also, don’t take random photographs of Saudi citizens as they consider this offensive.

Information about travelling to Saudi Arabia

  • Religions of Saudi Arabia
  • Age structure of Saudi Arabia
    0-14-years 27.6%
    15-24-years 19.3%
    25-54-years 45.4%
    55-64-years 3.2%
    65-years-and-over 3.1%
  • Currency exchange rate
    SAR1.00(SAR) = $0.27(USD)
  • Ethnic groups of Saudi Arabia
    Arab 90%
    Afro-Asian 10%
  • Sex ratio of Saudi Arabia
    1.21 male/female
  • Energy generated from Saudi Arabia
    Fossil fuels 100%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 0%
    Other renewable sources 0%