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How much do things cost in Syria?
Local draught beer USD 1.50
Potato (1kg) USD 0.71
Coke bottle USD 0.57
Tennis court rent (1 hour on weekend) USD 9.47
Mid-range restaurant USD 23.99
Lettuce USD 0.54
One-way ticket (local transport) USD 0.20
Monthly Pass (local transport) USD 22.00
Pack of cigarettes USD 2.50
* All price are converted to USD

About Syria

Syria Republic is a large nation found in Middle East with the capital at Damascus. It’s surrounded by the countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Iraq. It also has a small coastline towards the east side with Mediterranean Sea. The current population figure according to a census conducted in 2009 is 21,900,000 people. Syria’s population is composed of 90% Arabs. Other minor communities such Armenians, Kurds, Turks and Circassians can also be found here. Most people speak Arabic but can understand a few of English, Turkish, Kurdish and French. Cheap flights to Syria can be enjoyed by using travel agents to book tickets.

Visa restrictions also apply to Israeli travelers, passports would be scrutinized at the main border and those with Israel stamps would not be allowed in. Moreover, the natives of Turkey, Malaysia and Iran are not required to apply for visas. American citizens should apply for their documents well in advance at a cost of only 130$. Moreover, cheap flights to Syria are available for those who want to save on general travel expenses.

Arabic language is the most popular though some natives also speak a little bit of English. Personnel who work directly with foreigners such as tour guides, hotel staff and restaurant owners can communicate well in coherent English. There are several attractions to see such as Al Omawi Shrine in Damascus. As for food, there’s quite a variety to relish depending on your financial capacity. Falafel is a tasty deep-fried pea suitable for vegetarians. Another great dish is Foul which is simply a fava bean that’s topped up with cumin, olive oil, paprika, fresh mint, flat bread and fresh onion cuts.

Beer is quite cheap and costs between 30 and 50 SP. Tasty Syrian wine is also available at only 150 SP, they are available at bars and liquor stores across the region. Tea is also served at local restaurants but natives don’t add milk to the beverage, just sugar and a few spices such as cinnamon and ginger. The best hotels in Syria can be found at less than 100$ per night. There are both single and double-room versions for guests to choose from.

Information about travelling to Syria

  • Languages of Syria
    Arabic (official)
    Circassian ; French
  • Area of Syria
    185 180 km² (89th)
  • Religions of Syria
    Muslim 87%
    Christian 10%
    Druze 3%
  • Internet users in Syria
    4.469 million (52nd)
  • The population of Syria
    16 728 808 (56th)
  • Age structure of Syria
    0-14-years 33.1%
    15-24-years 20.2%
    25-54-years 37.9%
    55-64-years 3.9%
    65-years-and-over 3.9%