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How much do things cost in Surabaya?
Milk (1 liter) $1.17
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) $22.15
Taxi 1hour Waiting $2.99
Mid range bottle of wine $16.86
1 Summer dress in a chain store $41.90
1 Pair of men leather shoes $90.00
Apples (1kg) $1.59
Combo meal at McDonalds $2.53
Potato (1kg) $1.15
Eggs (12) $1.30
* All price are converted to USD

About Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city, and the capital of the East Java province. The city is naturally a business hub, but it’s an urban paradise for city lovers. Clubs, posh hotels, unique restaurants, museums and cultural sites surround the city and its dwellers. Airplanes board on Juanda Airport, which boards flights from other Asian destinations. The extensive railway system around Surabaya gets anybody around the city, but there are still taxis and the minibus.

Going to the city is an immediate attraction: the Suramadu National Bridge. Connecting Madura and Surabaya, it’s the longest bridge in Indonesia. Exceedingly beautiful at night with the night lights, it is a worthy rival to the San Francisco Bridge. There are many more views in Surabaya for the average tourist.

An interesting destination in Surabaya is the House of Sempoerna. It is a colonial Dutch compound that has been converted into a museum by the largest cigarette manufacturer in Indonesia. It features different types of Indonesian cigarettes, even showing how cigarettes were traditionally made. It also has a café for ravished visitors, where most travelers remarked of its exquisite taste. Another colonial Dutch building is the Grahadi, or the residence of the colonial governor, now converted into a historical and art collection museum. Nearby is the Balai Permuda, or “Youth Hall”, where artistic and cultural performances are held regularly. The Old Surabaya district has more of these Dutch colonial houses and buildings.

There are more interesting sights in Surabaya, like the Masjid Cheng Ho, or Cheng Ho Mosque. Imagine, a Chinese mosque? It’s as if Islamic mosques were never cool as Chinese temples that they have to merge together. There are more temples in Surabaya, making it a melting pot of religions.

For budget travellers, Surabaya is not that expensive to travel around. There are budget malls to buy souvenirs from, and the budget hotels are half as nice as mid-range and expensive 5-star hotels. However, if you have to stay to a Sheraton or the affluent Majapahit Hotel, it’s completely fine. As for food, restaurants are everywhere in the city. It’s not a problem looking for one that fits your travel budget or quality. Different restaurants catering Asian cuisine conduct business around Surabaya.

Information about travelling to Surabaya

  • Average temperature for this month in Surabaya
    32 °C
  • Average temperature in winter for Surabaya
    32 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    Rp1.00(IDR) cost less than $0.01(USD)
  • Average temperature in summer for Surabaya
    32 °C

Airports of Surabaya

Juanda International Airport