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How much do things cost in Semarang?
Cappuccino USD 0.86
Combo meal at McDonalds USD 1.77
Local cheese (1kg) USD 8.43
Mid-range restaurant USD 2.95
Apples (1kg) USD 2.53
Taxi 1hour Waiting USD 1.69
* All price are converted to USD

About Semarang

Semarang in Indonesia gives tourists the chance to experience its tourist attractions as one of the country’s capital province. In visiting the city, you’ll have the chance to embark on various activities and experiences only this part of Indonesia can give.

Kota Lama is one of the areas to visit in Semarang, offering structures that resemble those found in Holland and also known as Little Netherlands in the country. It presents a collection of old buildings that served as Dutch East India Company officials’ residence in the past.

In this area, you’ll find the Emmanuel Church or also known as Gereja Bleduk. This prominent structure is a Protestant church that offers a Pantheon-inspired façade and complex that amaze tourists. Giving a calm feel of the west, this Semarang attraction gained many tourists for years and introduced the city to more visitors.

After enjoying this part of the city, also feel the Chinese district’s busy life with the nearby Chinese settlements where you can take a trip and try out different Chinese cuisines. Craving for Chinese dishes can be satisfied with ease by ordering them in a restaurant in Semawis, the other name for this settlement, at best prices that you can afford.

The Tomb of Ki Ageng Pandanaran can also be visited in the city. Celebrated as the first Semarang ruler, this tomb is adorned with great design that attracts tourists and locals for years. When visiting the place, you will get to learn more about this leader.

Toko Oen claimed the title of being a visited cake shop in the city offering traditional Dutch colonial style food. Its operation started in 1936 and is being maintained today for visitors who tour the city and even those who came back from other cruise tours who want to stop by for dinner.

You have several transportation options in visiting Semarang. Riding a bus or a train offers utmost savings on your trip, so you can set more money on the main activities. Semarang offers a wide array of activities that suit people’s preferences and still continue to fascinate a lot of visitors coming from overseas countries.

Information about travelling to Semarang

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Semarang
    39 °C
  • Average temperature in Semarang
    32 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    Rp1.00(IDR) cost less than USD 0.01(USD)
  • Average temperature in winter for Semarang
    30 °C

Airports of Semarang

Achmad Yani