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How much do things cost in Patzun?
Mid range bottle of wine USD 9.60
Coke bottle USD 0.92
Potato (1kg) USD 1.01
Rice (white) USD 1.28
Gasoline (1 liter) USD 1.16
Taxi 1hour Waiting USD 5.12
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre USD 369.79
Imported beer at restaurant USD 1.92
Apples (1kg) USD 3.03
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) USD 53.31
* All price are converted to USD

About Patzun

The civil war that was fought by the leftist movements and the administration during the 1960's cost a very important lesson to the people of Patzún. The district of Patzún in Guatemala has turned stronger after the incident. A lot of people not just from the country but also from the other parts of the globe applaud this place for being so outright. They will speak of what they would like to happen to the country regardless of what might happen to them. Even professors and students from different parts of the globe study the ideology behind this very effective revolt done by the people of Patzún.

Clothes for dolls are one of the things to fancy here in Patzún. Some visitors are compelled to take cheap flights to Patzún because of this beautifully handcrafted piece. They are not to be blamed because the locals have an outstanding taste when it comes to what can be pleasing to the eye. They have been working on it so good that the materials are sometimes imported to neighboring bigger countries.

The fearlessness of the citizens in this small place never comes out when they are working with tourists. It is quite amazing because when you go to hotels in Patzún, you will never have an idea that there was once a war that made the people fight recklessly. Soft–spoken and humble people will be all around you. There are no signs that a terrorist or any other kind of revolt will happen again.

Gone are the days when the locals of Patzún have to fight for what is rightfully theirs. Now the place is yet to prove another milestone and that is to improve their economy and be of great help to the country. This municipality is not like the others that have been blessed with plenty of natural resources. Cheap flights to Patzún are really bound to meet the people and their skills. This is not like the other tourist spots in Guatemala where everything that you see will be good for a photo frame for your home. Still, it holds its own with its unique character.

Information about travelling to Patzun

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Patzun
    32 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Patzun
    23 °C
  • Average temperature for this month in Patzun
    23 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(GTQ) = USD 0.13(USD)