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How much do things cost in Bahrain?
Apples (1kg) $2.18
Mid-range restaurant $53.00
Local draught beer $5.31
Water bottle (1.5 liter) $1.03
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $1 595.93
Oranges (1kg) $1.76
Coke bottle $0.96
Water bottle (0.33 liter) $0.42
Loaf of white bread $0.84
Eggs (12) $2.17
* All price are converted to USD

About Bahrain

Bahrain Kingdom is found in the Middle East of Persian Gulf, it is tucked deep into the dry mountains being surrounded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The country is very popular among st international tourists for its unique Arabic culture. Moreover, the state has liberal religious policies and they don’t apply strict regulations against Non-Muslims like in other Islamic countries. For instance, liquor is legal in this country. Though the country’s economy is based on petroleum production, it still has a vibrant hospitality industry and rich socio- cultural history that would keep you smiling. Cheap flights to Bahrain can be enjoyed by visiting as a group. Those who bring along their families often receive discount tickets.

This is a small, cute, country with an invigorating landscape and infrastructure that makes it easier for visitors to tour and enjoy what it has within its borders. The tropical Hawar Isles are also considered part of this country, despite the fact that they are nearer to Qatar. Getting cheap flights to Bahrain is nowadays easier due to internet access. Visitors can purchase tickets right from the comfort of their homes.

When coming by Gulf Air then Bahrain International Airstrip is the place you’ll land. The airport boasts of convenient duty-free shops where tourists can buy various products cheaply, some of these goods include designer colognes, clothes, stone carvings and exotic wines. SABTCO Bus Company operates eight commuter buses connecting SAPTCO with King Fahd Boulevard, including other adjacent regions such as Dammam and Khobar. There are also comfortable air-con coaches that transport people to far flung areas in the city’s outskirts, the ticket rates for this service is SR60 per head and they are also available in advance.

Bahrain Fort center is found a few meters off north coast and can also be accessed by car when coming from Manama City, it takes only 10 minutes to reach this place when using the main road. The good thing about this attraction is that visitors can enter freely from 8am to 8pm on weekdays. There are several international hotels in Bahrain that offer quality accommodation services. Many people prefer staying in them since they already have reputable brand names and their services are well known, examples include the Intercontinental and Hilton.

Information about travelling to Bahrain

  • Area of Bahrain
    760 km² (188th)
  • Cellphone owners in Bahrain
    2.125 million (144th)
  • Age structure of Bahrain
    0-14-years 19.7%
    15-24-years 15.9%
    25-54-years 56.2%
    55-64-years 2.7%
    65-years-and-over 2.6%
  • Industries of Bahrain
    petroleum processing and refining
    aluminum smelting
    iron pelletization
    Islamic and offshore banking
  • Energy generated from Bahrain
    Fossil fuels 100%
    Nuclear fuels 0%
    Hydroelectricity 0%
    Other renewable sources 0%
  • Independence of Bahrain
    15 August 1971

    National Holiday : National Day, 16 December