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About Potters Village

Potters Village is nothing more than a humble town in close proximity to Antigua and Barbuda’s capital Saint John’s. It must not be underrated, however, because it is in this town where you can explore the food culture of the country.

The Local Cuisine

As a Caribbean island, Antigua and Barbuda is rich in seafood dishes. You must not leave the town when you take cheap flights to Potters Village without tasting salt fish and lobster. There are also lots of meat recipes available in food stalls and restaurants like jerked chicken or beef. You must also check out the local delicacies like sugar cakes, peanut brittle, fudge, and raspberry and tamarind stew.

For breakfast, the locals usually have salt fish, eggs, eggplant, and lettuce. For lunch and dinner, they normally have a carbohydrates -load from either rice or pasta dish combined with a seafood or meat recipe. Side dish is either scalloped potatoes or macaroni pie. Sunday dinners are mostly special. The locals cook special food for the family to share. This is when they prepare steaks or stews served with rice, macaroni pie, and a salad. Sunday dinners are also often decorated by a local drink – mauby, tamarind juice, raspberry juice, lemonade, mango juice, coconut milk, ginger beer, or sea moss.

Antigua and Barbuda cuisine is characterized by its agriculture wealth. The locals use their produce as much as possible to create dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy. They use the grills often. They also love salads, steaks, and stews.

If you take cheap flights to Potters Village, don’t forget to check out restaurants that offer as much of the local fare as possible. There are food hubs that serve home cooked meals nicely.

Local food is also available in hotels in Potters Village. To enjoy your stay even more, make sure that you have a taste of the local dishes. Scan the menu and see what it has to offer for your gastro pleasure. If you are not too fond of foreign tastes, you may also find a host of restaurants serving international cuisine. Chinese restaurants are especially many in the islands and towns in the country.

Information about travelling to Potters Village

  • Average temperature in Potters Village
    30 °C
  • Average temperature for this month in Potters Village
    29 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    EC$1.00(XCD) = $0.37(USD)
  • Average temperature in winter for Potters Village
    28 °C

Airports near Potters Village

V. C. Bird International (Antigua)