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About Parham

Parham is part of the bigger of the two main islands that make up the country Antigua and Barbuda – Antigua. Parham was once the capital before it was awarded to the city of Saint John’s. Even when it was just able to maintain its township, it cannot be disregarded. That’s because taking cheap flights to Parham offers many exciting adventures, especially at the Great Bird Island.

The Great Bird Island

Antigua is known for its beaches that offer exciting possibilities. The 20-acre Great Bird Island can attest to that. This islet is an extraordinary tourist haven because it combines energetic island culture with tranquility and calmness.

Why it was named the Great Bird? That was the tag given to the place by ancient sailors who saw an enormous number of bird species nesting in the islet. But, it is not only bird watching that is considered a spectacular activity here. Tourists who take cheap flights to Parham could not possibly ignore the white sand beaches that await them at either end of the sandbar.

Aside from the stunning beaches, the Great Bird Island is also known for its varied wildlife. The islet is teeming with different living creatures including snakes, lizards, and West Indian whistling ducks. This is also the place to find the Antiguan racer.

The life underwater is also interesting to explore. The coral reefs and under marine creatures can be viewed best if you go on a snorkeling or diving adventure.

Other Attractions in Parham

Apart from the Great Bird Island, Parham has many other attractions to offer. For one, there is the old St. Peter’s Church, which was built by an English architect named Thomas Weekes in 1840. For another, there is the Parham Hill, which features colonial homes that are well preserved and cared for.

You will see much of the town’s old charms when you come to visit. You may stay at any of the available hotels in Parham, most of which are located near the beaches, to enjoy the best that the town has to offer – from food to souvenirs to attractions to local culture.

Information about travelling to Parham

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Parham
    39 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    EC$1.00(XCD) = $0.37(USD)
  • Average temperature in winter for Parham
    28 °C
  • Average temperature in Parham
    30 °C

Airports near Parham

V. C. Bird International (Antigua)