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How much do things cost in Ethiopia?
Coke bottle $0.71
Combo meal at McDonalds $3.50
Apartment (1 bedroom) in city centre $269.38
Monthly Pass (local transport) $6.00
Tomato (1kg) $0.86
Mid range bottle of wine $4.35
Pack of cigarettes $2.15
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult $41.40
Local cheese (1kg) $7.97
Taxi 1hour Waiting $9.02
* All price are converted to USD

About Ethiopia

Ethiopia is naturally beautiful, rich in history and basically modern. It is the only state in Africa that has never been colonized, apart from five years of domination. It hosts the great and small, good and bad. However, there is better to it than bad and that is what makes it a great vacation spot. The capital city is Addis Ababba, a town that has been sung, foretold and it is still here full of poise.

It is the second most populated area in Africa after Nigeria and second oldest official Christian nation after Armenia. Ethiopia is known as Abyssinia in the Bible and is famed for her great queen Sheba who visited Solomon with great wealth in search for wisdom that eventually dazed her. Hence, Ethiopia moves and shakes in an extraordinary way, yet so small. Visitors can catch cheap flights to Ethiopia from Paris and London.

The cost of travel to Ethiopia is cheap in comparison to other countries in Africa. To begin with, accommodation is relatively budget-friendly and starts at 20 Birrs, Ethiopian currency. The most popular area of accommodation in Ethiopia is the Piazza area, a hub for tourists. In the evenings if one is not indoors, one is advised to stay warm, as the climate is generally cooler.

Transport in this city if not by flight will be by road mostly. Traveling by road is affordable but very inconveniencing as people are cramped in the buses and the roads are not effectively conditioned. However, Ethiopia has the best airport in Africa and hosts several airlines that makes flying very easy. A tourist landing in Ethiopia will have a cab sent to pick him or her from the airport, but if one is traveling from Ethiopia, confirming a flight is vital lest your seat is given out. Logically, getting a taxi to travel within is quite inexpensive compared to flying especially the East African communities. Cheap flights to Ethiopia are the gateway to exploring this magnificent country.

One will enjoy visiting the National parks, traversing the historical routes and the security in Ethiopia. The city is a low crime area compared to other African countries. There are also Rift valleys and volcanic lakes, which one will enjoy viewing while driving through instead of flying. Moreover, some hotels in Ethiopia are found within exclusive wildlife reserves. This country is bestowed naturally with waterfalls, rivers, high mountains, arid desert and definitely crocodiles…..beware!

Information about travelling to Ethiopia

  • Religions of Ethiopia
    Ethiopian Orthodox 43.5%
    Muslim 33.9%
    Protestant 18.6%
    traditional 2.6%
    Catholic 0.7%
    other 0.7%
  • The capital city of Ethiopia
    Addis Ababa
  • Area of Ethiopia
    1 104 300 km² (27th)
  • Internet users in Ethiopia
    447,300 (119th)
  • Cellphone owners in Ethiopia
    20.524 million (47th)
  • Languages of Ethiopia
    Oromo (official working language in the State of Oromiya) 33.8%
    Amharic (official national language) 29.3%
    Somali (official working language of the State of Sumale) 6.2%
    Tigrayan (official working language of the State of Tigray) 5.9%
    Sidamo 4%
    Wolaytta 2.2%