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How much do things cost in Taraz?
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 114.02
Oranges (1kg) USD 2.16
Local draught beer USD 1.36
Taxi 1hour Waiting USD 8.17
Gasoline (1 liter) USD 0.72
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult USD 78.99
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 7.08
Coke bottle USD 0.62
Pack of cigarettes USD 1.20
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre USD 666.86
* All price are converted to USD

About Taraz

Taraz is a city found in Kazakhstan and has a long list of tourist destinations for visitors. If you will visit this city, you must be careful in finding cheap flights to Taraz online as there is another city of the same name in Iran. Be sure to include the country’s name in your search to find the right flights going to this place.

This Kazakhstan city is prominent for being a more commercialized city in terms of profile and as a gateway for tourists who will travel to other nearby cities. However, the city also has its beautiful sights for you to see, particularly structures. The Taraz Aishai-Bibi Mausoleum is one of these historic mausoleums that possess unique design that you wish to see if you are after history and cultural heritage. See several buildings with the same design that make your tour more memorable.

Take pleasure on the fine structure the Taraz City church offers as one of its tourist destinations. Just like other churches, this structure bears common elements found in this type of building but with a more enhanced design, making a visit to this structure worthwhile.

Other structures established in the city are common buildings you will find in your area. They are built near hotels in Taraz to ensure tourists will be able to visit them easily. Examples of these buildings are the Taraz City theater which serves as venue hall for various performances, stadium view, Taraz City University and a lot more. They may be the common structure types found in other cities, even your hometown, but these buildings in this place stand out due to their history and design.

Finally, you can also find Taraz stores or shopping centers offering top of the line products like souvenir items, items to use while on the road, and a lot more. Simply shop for these items and get your products as needed for your tour.

Cheap flights to Taraz will show you the city’s beauty when it comes to structural design and cultural heritage. In order to economize your expenses, reserve budget accommodation means and ride public transportation choices that offer cheaper prices than the private ones.

Information about travelling to Taraz

  • Average temperature for this month in Taraz
    32 °C
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Taraz
    -29 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Taraz
    8.6 mm
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(KZT) cost less than USD 0.01(USD)