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How much do things cost in Postojna?
Imported beer at restaurant USD 2.44
Local draught beer USD 2.71
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About Postojna

Postojna is a small city located in Slovenia. When you will decide to book cheap flights to Postojna you will discover that this is a popular destination for many tourists in the south part of Europe. Slovenia is the rising star in the European tourism and that's why several global companies are bringing people from all the continents in order to discover a country that have mountains, sea and beautiful landscapes. Situated between Croatia, Austria and Italy, Slovenia is a perfect combination of cultures and relaxation tourism. Besides swimming, taking tours of the country and relaxing on the beach, you can enjoy several World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO and fine museums. Since the independence of the country, cheap tickets to Postojna become a major opportunity to visit this city. Like other towns in Slovenia, this one is an area with buildings dating back from the Middle Ages.

Small houses are located on the narrow streets and the church is situated all the time near the main square. Cheap flights to Postojna can be purchased any time, but the best season to travel to Postojna is the summer. The prices are higher during this season and anyone must book the plane tickets with some time in advance in order to get the best deal on the market. There are only eight hotels in Postojna and the prices are not for anyone. If you are traveling on a tight budget you must decide to go to a hostel in the area. The hotels are two and three stars and you can't find hotels with four or five stars. If you will travel alongside your friends you can rent a fully equipped apartment. The locals are doing so and for around 80 euros per day you can feel like home. This is also a good decision if you want to save some money from the food budget. You can cook by yourself and avoid the restaurants. This is a quiet city and few clubs and pubs can be seen on the streets.

Locally owned restaurants have a varied menu, with Slovenian and international dishes. The local cuisine is based on Mediterranean ingredients and that's why you will taste sea food, fish, olive oil, many fruits and salads. The perfect season to visit Slovenia is the summer. But the entire continent is used to take the holiday during July and August. That's why the prices are very high during those two months. The spring and autumn are also good seasons to visit Slovenia. Cheap flights to Postojna are possible due to the fact they more and more low cost companies are flying in this region. If you will purchase the tickets in April or September you can save up to 20 percent. A holiday for two for three days in the region will not cost more than 500 euros. That's why you should take into account this beautiful region. From here anyone can visit the region, that have some untouched forests and many castles well preserved.

A visit to a castle will not cost more than 10 euros and you can see there mediaeval objects and unique collections of weapons. Airline tickets to Postojna are booked by families with children and by those in search for a quiet holiday. This can be the perfect time to inform all your close friends that you are going to book a holiday in Slovenia. Just ask them if they want to come with you for the next holiday. Our website has the best prices always, especially if you are in the mood to purchase all the tickets with some time in advance. Flights to Postojna can be made with a low cost company or with a flag carrier. No matter the plane you are going to fly, you will discover a unique city in a developed country. Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Slovenia and to many other destinations across Europe.

Information about travelling to Postojna

  • Average rain for this month in Postojna
    124.6 mm
  • Average temperature in Postojna
    15 °C
  • Average temperature for this month in Postojna
    23 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    €1.00(EUR) = USD 1.07(USD)