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How much do things cost in Bled?
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 1.08
Cappuccino USD 1.76
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult USD 40.68
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment USD 576.27
Chicken breasts at the market USD 6.78
Rice (white) USD 1.76
Lettuce USD 1.36
Tomato (1kg) USD 1.76
* All price are converted to USD

About Bled

Bled is a small town in Slovenia, located on the shores of the lake with the same name. This is a favorite destination for all of those in search for a nice holiday close to the Alps. Then you will decide to purchase cheap flights to Bled you will find out that there are many ways you can reach this city. You can do it by car, bus, train or airplane. The largest airport in the country is located in the capital and has 34 nonstop flights to European destinations. The Airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana is a modern one and a trip by bus until Bled will cost you only 8 euros. Slovenia is one of the most developed countries in the European Union and a major touristic destination. The infrastructure is also very good and you can travel on a highway from the capital to any other major city in the country.

Once you have reached the city you will notice the landmark of it, which is a tall white church. The central area is dominated by the central square, similar to those in Italy and Austria. During its history, Bled was part of several kingdoms and empires and this can be seen today when you look at the architecture of the houses. The region is a favorite destination for tourist coming from Italy and Austria due to its many outdoor events and activities. When you will purchase airline tickets to Bled you can visit the Church of the Assumption, Bled Island, Bled Castle, Lake Bled, Babji Zob and the Iglica Waterfall.

Besides these places you can walk on the shores of the lake, where you will discover many bars and restaurants where you can spend a lovely evening. The young tourists are coming from all around Europe to discover this nice city and to have fun until the morning. The clubs and bars are open until the morning but you should know that the loud music is not allowed on the streets after ten o’clock. When you will search for cheap flights to Bled you will discover that Slovenia is not a cheap country to visit. The prices are similar to those in Italy and in order to get the best deals you should book all the tickets with some time in advance. We recommend doing so with at least two months before you arrive in Bled. Don't forget to book the room in the same day with the plane tickets.

There are many fine hotels to Bled but you will notice that the prices are higher than in other regions in Slovenia. The summer is the busiest season of the year and due to the fact that many people are buying cheap flights to Bled the prices are higher than usual. That's why you can travel to Bled during the spring or autumn, when there are many chances to find affordable accommodation and better prices in the restaurants. The local food is similar to that prepared in the north part of Italy. The cheese, wines, olive oil, salads, fresh fish and seafood are some of the key ingredients. The fruits are present all the time as a part of the desert. A lunch for two is around 25 euros with the drinks included. If you want to save some money just eat at a local fast food that have good prices for everybody.

Slovenia is the rising star in the European tourism and you should not miss the great opportunity to buy cheap tickets to Bled in order to travel to this beautiful country. On this website you will find the best prices for hotels and plane tickets, especially if you are in the mood to book them earlier. Flights to Bled are good for groups or friends or for families with kids. That's why you must know that Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Slovenia and to many other destinations across the globe.

Information about travelling to Bled

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Bled
    26 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Bled
    119.7 mm
  • Average temperature in summer for Bled
    8 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    €1.00(EUR) = USD 1.08(USD)