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About Portrush

Welcome to Portrush, a small seaside resort town in Northern Ireland and an absolutely beautiful place to spend your next vacation. If you've already decided that Portrush would be a good fit for your vacation needs, then take a look at flights to Portrush, via the Flighthub website.

Dunluce Castle is an absolute favorite landmark when visiting Portrush. While not very much is left of the castle, and it's mostly standing in ruins, what is left of the castle is absolutely stunning. It's a beautiful place to take pictures of the ruins themselves, as well as the ocean views. Tip: Part of the castle is a free to view and part of it has an entrance fee, which most visitors say is well worth it. Many visitors call it an 'enchanted' place, and one with a certain magical property to it. In addition to old stone walls, a salty sea breeze and a gorgeous view of the ocean, there is a charming tea room which makes excellent soup, sandwiches, cakes, tea and more.

Tip: If you're looking for an excellent place to take the wee ones during your travel to Porturush, we'd suggest Barry's the biggest theme park in all of Ireland. Some call it a bit dated, as the place hasn't changed much in 15, 20, 30 years, but many also think it gives one the feeling of solidarity with the past. From kiddie rides to bigger, scarier rides for older children, there's a bit of something for everyone to do at Barry's. It's not the cheapest of places, but it's definitely one that will make many good memories. There are excellent ocean views and it's close to neighboring shops as well as the train. There's a ghost train, roller coasters, a merry go round and some of the biggest, most delicious ice cream cones that you'll find.

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One mile away from Portrush is the gorgeous Ballywillian Church, an amazing place to take a picture. The church ruins date back to the 1500's, and is surrounded by green grass and a graveyard, with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. This would be an excellent place to picnic and take a walk around.

Portrush is also quite close to Bushmills, the home of the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery, the oldest legal distillery in the world. Bushmill is also the home to Giant's Causeway, a unique geological column formation, caused by a volcano. There are over 40,000 rock columns, and is a World Heritage Site. There's also a steam locomotive, with scenic views from Bushmill to Giant's Causeway.

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