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How much do things cost in Phan Rang-tháp Chàm?
Chicken breasts at the market USD 3.33
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) USD 14.21
Pack of cigarettes USD 1.04
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment USD 49.65
Apples (1kg) USD 2.60
Mid range bottle of wine USD 9.44
Local draught beer USD 0.94
Gasoline (1 liter) USD 1.14
Rice (white) USD 0.74
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 4.25
* All price are converted to USD

About Phan Rang-tháp Chàm

How would you like to spend your vacation in a place where you will get to experience beautiful scenery, culture, epic architecture, and more? Vietnam is a country most often seen as a backdrop in many war movies. Experience the beauty of this place and book cheap flights to Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm.

Also referred to as Panduranga, Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm is a new city in the province of Ninh Thuân, Vietnam. A huge part of the district is occupied by the cham people whose main livelihood includes planting rice, fruits like grapes and peaches, and herding goats. There are places in Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm which are culturally active. The place has several towers which serve as beautiful tribute to their monarchs. Two of these tower complexes were built to honor king Po Klong Garai and king Po Re do. These are interesting places to visit which will allow you to learn about the place culture and their reverence to their leaders. These towers are used during the Cham festivals happen every October. There are also interesting activities which take place in the tower complex like the rain festival. Weddings are also held in the place. These towers offer architectural interest which are intricately built and constructed with materials like bricks.

A cultural center is also located near the Po Klong tower complex. The center is made with bricks, concrete, and mortar which show the type of architecture used by the Cham people. The cultural center shows the handy work of the Cham people and showcases beautiful architecture and photographs by different Cham artists. There are other places of interest in the city. The Po Nagar is a good place to stopover and just spends time admiring the 1000 year old temple.

Save money while in the area by trying out the street food. It is mostly cheap while you enjoy the food being cooked right in front of you. It’s fresh and saves a lot of money compared with eating the usual international fast food like pizza and burgers.

If you want to stay for a few days or more in the city, you can find several resorts and hotels in Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm which offer comfortable stay. Enjoy a 5 star accommodation at the Resort Nha Trang. This is a highly recommend resort by many travelers. Enjoy the outdoor pool and spend some time for a good and relaxing massage. Alternatively, you can also check the Saigon-Ninh Chu Hotel and Resort with a beach overlooking the South China Sea. Book cheap flights to Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm and experience exotic Vietnam.

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