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How much do things cost in Haiphong?
Chicken breasts at the market $2.83
Milk (1 liter) $1.65
Loaf of white bread $0.71
Local draught beer $1.53
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About Haiphong

Haiphong is known to be one of the most important cities in Vietnam. It has one of the most significant ports in the country, hence marine transport and use is very much developed. The City of Haiphong is considered one of Vietnam’s largest, which is said to be in the third spot. The meaning of “Haiphong” is coastal defense in the Vietnamese language. The City of Haiphong is also known for its many flamboyant trees that grow in the city, thus Haiphong is referred to as “the City of Red flamboyant trees”. The City of Haiphong was founded by a woman named Le Chan. The city had incurred much damage during the Vietnam War; it was bombed many times by the US Navy. The place was attacked by the US Air force because it was the only gateway out of and into Vietnam.

Haiphong City is now a tourist attraction. Many tourists take year round cheap flights to Haiphong. The tourism in the city has largely increased over the years. The City of Haiphong is the second largest industrial and trade center in the country. Since it is a known port in Vietnam, trade and commerce is its specialty. The port is famous for their export of rice and is known as the Red River Delta’s major fishing City. It comes in fourth in the fishing industry of Vietnam. Tourists take cheap flights to Haiphong in order to witness its extravagant port. There are many races that can be found in the country as it is a gateway for traders and various merchants.

Like many other places in Asia, the City of Haiphong in Vietnam has a sub humid subtropical climate. People, especially tourists, usually visit the place during the summer. The place is an ever busy market that is especially a good source of income for the countries growing GDP. Tourists can find hotels in Haiphong through their travel agencies that may have the best tour packages for them. Haiphong is indeed a historical center with a very colorful past. Many people visit the City of Haiphong in order to learn more about the Vietnam War.

Information about travelling to Haiphong

  • Average temperature in summer for Haiphong
    31 °C
  • Average temperature in winter for Haiphong
    21 °C
  • Average temperature in Haiphong
    27 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(VND) cost less than $0.01(USD)

Airports of Haiphong

Cat Bi International Airport