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About Perth Scotland

Visit Perth, a city in Central Scotland with a rich and dynamic history and a city with a number of exciting landmarks to see and view. Also unofficially dubbed the 'capital' of Scotland, Perth offers exciting opportunities to learn about much of the royal history of Scotland. If you are already beginning to plan a trip to Perth, then you'll certainly need to book flights to Perth, Scotland. Flighthub has the lowest priced airfare that can be found on the internet. Be sure to check out our prices-you won't have to look any further.

Tip: If you'd like to see one of the coronation sites of Kings of Scotland (42 Kings of Scotland alone were crowned here,) then you must pay a visit to Scone Palace. The palace was built on the site of the stone of Scone (the coronation stone,) where kings of Scotland and all of the UK were crowned king. Since the early 1800's, this has housed the site of a beautiful mansion (that looks like a palace), which can be toured when visiting Scone Palace. The mansion features a stunning collection of antique items like portraits, furniture and house wares. The grounds themselves are also incredibly beautiful, across from the River Tay and with surrounded by woodlands, flowers and fields.

Visit one of the oldest museums in Scotland and in the UK, and check out the Perth Museum and Art Gallery. The museum houses over half a million artistic, historical, social and natural history items. There are even Egyptian mummies, religious artifacts, as well as winter landscapes, public artwork and more items of interest. It would be the perfect place to take children, and would certainly provide hours of education and entertainment.

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Stanley Mills is another beloved tourist destination in Perth, which illustrated how in the times of the Industrial Revolution, Perth served as a center of factory labor. Stanley Mills will give you a glimpse into this world, and show what it was like to work in one such factory in the 1700's. Tip: It will show you how it was to be a member of the working class, who worked in this cotton mill, using raw cotton to produce products for sale. There are excellent exhibits and much machinery to look at. You can even check if your fingers are as quick and finely skilled as those of a child laborer in the 17 and 1800's. This is a great museum to go to with children, and there is also a café on site, if you should get hungry.

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