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How much do things cost in Oskemen?
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre $474.58
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre $203.39
Taxi 1hour Waiting $4.09
Cinema, international release, 1 seat $6.78
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) $27.12
* All price are converted to USD

About Oskemen

Kazakhstan is where you will find one of the friendliest people in the entire universe. This is true not just for the center of this country but for others as well. A small place in its east named Oskemen have proven that hospitality should also be on your list when visiting places. The residents here will force you to book another cheap flights to Oskemen at any given time. They can serve pretty well compared to those found in the other parts of the globe.

Ice hockey can be one of the highlights of one’s visit at Oskemen. This place is well-known for a league that has the best players. This is because the Kazakhstan city is covered with very thin sheets of ice during the winter. The country’s residents make the most out of it through playing with a stick to use for sliding a ball. This is also the very same reason why the citizens of Oskemen have made their place the center for such sport. Leagues are all over the place. There are even special events that will give you exhibitions from the masters of ice hockey. If you are a fan of this sport, you can always visit them but just make sure to book hotels in Oskemen that can give you passages to such events.

Another good thing to put in the bucket list when going to this place is the variety of cultures and traditions. Kazakhstan is sometimes considered the borderline between Europe and Asia, thus the mix of beliefs is clearly seen in the places to visit and Oskemen is not spared from it. Cheap flights to Oskemen can give the highlights of one’s travels for religions. Russian churches, mosques, and Christian structures are all present in the area. Your eyes will be filled with the most intricate designs that are all presented under the name of religion.

At the end of the trip to Oskemen, you will realize that the place is not just for fun, leisure and excitement. It lightens one to become part of the growing number of people who have respect for the variety of beliefs.

Information about travelling to Oskemen

  • Maximum temperature during the year in Oskemen
    40 °C
  • Average rain for this month in Oskemen
    18 mm
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Oskemen
    -67 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(KZT) cost less than $0.01(USD)