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How much do things cost in Kunming?
Taxi 1km $0.29
Water bottle (1.5 liter) $0.48
Gasoline (1 liter) $1.16
Combo meal at McDonalds $4.02
Imported beer at restaurant $4.02
Oranges (1kg) $1.61
1 Pair of Nike shoes $112.44
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in city centre $856.69
* All price are converted to USD

About Kunming

China is known for its top cities to visit like Kunming. Claiming the title of being the City of Eternal Spring, Kunming is distinguished for its friendly climate, allowing flowers to grow and bloom throughout the year and adding color to the city.

Aside from coloring the city through flowers, this Yunnan city also captivates tourists’ hearts with its breathtaking landscapes that can be viewed at a height. If you’re a nature lover, you will find the Dianchi Lake, Village of Ethnic Culture, and Stone Forest as among the best locations offering their picturesque sceneries your eyes can feast on.

Cultural exploration can be done in a grand way in the city with its more than 20 ethnic minority groups living in this area. Each group has its own culture and festivities you can observe personally by visiting the city. Among the popular festivities set by its minority groups are Golden Temple Fair and Yi group’s Torch festival that let tourists enjoy their cultural immersion in Kunming. Word of mouth coming from other foreigners who visited the city, especially those who attended the International Horticultural Exposition in 1999, more people across the globe gained interest in the city’s diverse cultural exhibitions. Today, the city attracts a lot of tourists and they find their stay worthwhile in terms of cultural exploration and immersion.

Trying out its local cuisine should be a part of your travel itineraries in visiting Kunming. Its popular cuisine includes Xuanwei Ham and Across the Bridge Rice Noodle, which can be ordered in prominent restaurants in the city or by visiting the night market. While you’re in the night market, you can also enjoy the local nightlife by visiting cafes and bars that are not only known for quality dishes but also in terms of services.

Kunming opens up a unique experience for you as a tourist, particularly through nature trips and cultural knowledge. Get in the city the cheap way by riding long distance buses that offer affordable fares and reliable schedules. Travel time may take hours but you’re in for a promising trip that you can cherish for life.

Information about travelling to Kunming

  • Average temperature for this month in Kunming
    24 °C
  • Average temperature in winter for Kunming
    16 °C
  • Average temperature in summer for Kunming
    24 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(CNY) = $0.15(USD)

Airports of Kunming

Kunming Changshui International Airport