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How much do things cost in Kristiansand?
Coke bottle $4.84
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) $58.23
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside of centre $1 946.42
Imported beer at restaurant $10.43
Rice (white) $5.01
Mid range bottle of wine $22.52
Chicken breasts at the market $14.18
Mid-range restaurant $108.44
Potato (1kg) $2.45
One-way ticket (local transport) $6.26
* All price are converted to USD

About Kristiansand

Kristiansand is the 5th largest urban area in Norway. Cheap tickets to Kristiansand are the best solution if you want to visit this part of Europe. The easiest way to reach this city is to travel by plane. The international airport is located just outside the city borders and has some international flight. Due to the fact that the main economic activity is connected with the oil from the North Sea, many aircraft are coming from other urban areas in the area, like from the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Nederlands and Germany.

If you are coming from other part of the continent you should book some airline tickets to Kristiansand via Oslo. The international airport from the capital is the major hub in Norway. From over there you can travel to Russia, France, United Kingdom, United States, Poland, Italy, Israel, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, China, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt. From Oslo you can reach the city by car or by plane. A trip with a small rented car can last up to five hours.

The infrastructure in Norway is very developed and you can travel safety, no matter the weather. The best period to travel to Kristiansand is during the summer. At the same time August is the busiest month for holidays in Europe. In order to catch the best prices you should book your tickets with several months in advance. There are several hotels in Kristiansand and you must know that is hard to find a room without a reservation. Even it may seem odd; the hotels are full also during the winter. The oil industry is responsible for many jobs in the area and people from all around the world are coming with business in town. In the last years the historical center was renovated and is now a major tourists objective. Even it is a small urban area, Kristiansand has many things to offer.

Cheap flights to Kristiansand are a good opportunity to travel to Norway and to discover this unique country. However, don't expect to find a cheap place. Norway is one of the richest places in the world and will be hard to find cheap accommodation or food. No matter you are coming from Europe or from the United States, you will find Norway an expensive country. That's why you must be aware that the best solution is to book some cheap flights to Kristiansand with several months in advance. In the last decade several low cost companies start to operate in the region and it is easier to purchase a cheaper ticket than in the past.

The city center is crowded all around the year with people in search for shopping and fun. It doesn't matter it is small; Kristiansand has something to offer to anyone. The pedestrian streets have good stores and fine restaurants and you can do a lot of shopping after you purchase cheap flights to Kristiansand. The local cuisine is based on fresh fish, fish products, meat, and vegetables. But because there are workers from all around the world, anyone can taste international cuisine, with Italian, German, French, Chinese, Thai, Phillipine, Indonesian, Mexican, Turkish, Greek and Indian dishes.

If you are in the mood for a quick snack, you can always order a doner kebab, a Turkish food that is very popular in Europe these days. A trip to Norway can be a great experience for young people and for couples. Due tot he weather conditions, the children may become bored during such a trip. Flights to Kristiansand are the perfect idea for your next trip in Europe. Just call all your friends and inform them that Flighthub offers the cheapest flights to Norway. That's why you must start to search on our website for a cheap ticket. Do it today and you will be able to enjoy a nice vacation in this Nordic country.

Information about travelling to Kristiansand

  • Average temperature in summer for Kristiansand
    20 °C
  • Maximum temperature during the year in Kristiansand
    30 °C
  • Average temperature in Kristiansand
    11 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(NOK) = $0.12(USD)

Airports of Kristiansand

Kristiansand Airport