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How much do things cost in Jyvaskyla?
Apples (1kg) USD 2.71
Combo meal at McDonalds USD 9.49
Mid-range restaurant USD 67.80
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 97.18
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff USD 0.16
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside of centre USD 677.97
Water bottle (0.33 liter) USD 1.55
Fitness club, monthly fee for 1 adult USD 79.10
Cinema, international release, 1 seat USD 12.88
* All price are converted to USD

About Jyvaskyla

Jyväskylä is a city located in the middle of Finland, in the Lakeland area. When you are going to book cheap tickets to Jyvaskyla you will discover that it is easy to reach this city. The best way to travel to this region is by plane. There is a small airport located at around 5 km from the city center, but unfortunately it has only domestic and military flights. The nearest international airport is located in Helsinki. From over there you can fly virtually anywhere in the world. Everyday planes from all major European urban areas and from North America, North Africa and Asia are landing there.

Airline tickets to Jyvaskyla are the best solution for you and your friends to discover this small city. There are also other ways to reach the area. Due to its location, in a region with hundreds of lakes, the railway system and the roads have a unique geography. It will be a pleasure to travel by car in between the hills, lakes and forests. When you look on the internet to purchase cheap flights to Jyvaskyla don't forget to rent also a car. In the recent years the electric cars become more and more popular in Finland. On the highways and in the gas stations you will find special places where you can recharge the battery in less than an hour. But if you are traveling in Finland during the winter, the best solution is to rent a bigger car, powered by fuel.

The best time of the year to travel to Jyvaskyla is during July and August. Even it may seem crowded, the area is still a place where few tourists from the continent choose to spend their holidays. The weather can be a huge problem if you want to visit the region during the winter. From November to April the lakes are frozen and snow storms are a common presence in the city. In some years also the roads are blocked by the heavy snow.

Because the city has many universities, outside the city you can find studios that can be rented during the summer for tourists. Finland is not a cheap country to stay. After you book your cheap flights to Jyvaskyla you will discover that accommodation can be a problem. The prices can seem very high even for people coming from Europe or from the United States. The best solution is to search online for an alternative way to rest after a busy day in this city. The best solution is to go with a tent on a camping or to rent a small apartment with your friends. But don't forget to make a reservation with several months in advance.

There are also several good hotels in Jyvaskyla. A price for a room can start at 50 Euros per night at a three star hotel. Finding good food will not be a problem. There are many places from where to choose. The local cuisine is based on fresh fish, vegetables and milk products. For many people this food can seem not so attractive. That's why they go to eat at a fast food or at a restaurant that has international menu. You can find anytime a place where Chinese, Indian, Turkish, French, Italian, Mexican and Greek food is served.

Cheap flights to Jyvaskyla are the best solution for people in search for adventure. That's why many young couples and large groups are coming to Jyvaskyla every year. If you plan to travel with your children you must know that they may find the area boring. So you should not wait anymore and just start to look for your next holiday in Finland. Call all your friends and tell them that Flighthub offers the cheapest flights on the internet. If you choose to purchase your tickets with several months in advance, the flights to Jyvaskyla will not be a problem if you want to travel on a tight budget.

Information about travelling to Jyvaskyla

  • Average temperature in summer for Jyvaskyla
    20 °C
  • Average temperature for this month in Jyvaskyla
    21 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    €1.00(EUR) = USD 1.09(USD)
  • Average temperature in Jyvaskyla
    8 °C

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