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About Brighton

Take cheap flights to Brighton to witness one of the liveliest and loveliest coastal areas in the world. The city is fun, cosmopolitan and pulsates throughout the year. Its attractions comprise architecture, specialist shops, pleasure pier, arts scene, pavement cafes and a vibrant nightlife. With Sussex Down and the English countryside as its backdrop, Brighton serves as a great base for travelling the region. Luxurious hotels in Brighton are to be found in abundance; hence, accommodation is not at all a cause of worry.

Begin your tour in the city with a visit to the Brighton Marine Palace and Pier, popularly called Palace Pier. The pier stands at the foot of the Grand Parade, located on the south of the Old Steine. Seafront arcade attractions are the highlights of this site. It has several food and drink outlets where you can have a great time.

Brighton Marina, covering an area of 127 acres, is an artificial marina featuring a working harbour, a residential housing as well as a variety of leisure and retail activities. Here, you can enjoy boating, yachting, sailing, diving etc.

If you visit during summer, make it a point to go to the Brighton Beach. The sheer liveliness of the place will liven you up. You should swim during low tide as the pebble beach transforms into a flat seabed just below the mid tide line. There is an area of surfers just beyond the Marina.

If you are a shopaholic, take cheap flights to Brighton to shops at its lanes which are punctuated with various kinds of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants etc. A day at the lanes is a day well-spent for a shopaholic.

The North Laine is an area of alternativism frequented by hippies, oddballs, punks, Goths etc. The area has got shops where you will get everything from bagels, fire staffs and giant wooden hands to fairy wings, bongs and magic potions. Besides shops, there are also many bars, cafes and restaurants.

Brighton Museum and Art Galley is a public museum that houses art and design belonging to the 15th, 17th and 20th centuries. It showcases glass-works, ceramics, jewellery, furniture, metalwork, paintings, drawings, fine art etc. You can even see a huge collection of insects including butterflies there.

These are only a few of the prominent tourist attractions in Brighton. There are several others in store for you in the city.

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