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How much do things cost in Bolivia?
Rice (white) USD 1.08
Milk (1 liter) USD 0.84
Loaf of white bread USD 1.07
Gasoline (1 liter) USD 0.53
Mid-range restaurant USD 17.37
Local cheese (1kg) USD 4.74
Internet (6 Mbps, unlimited data) USD 143.41
1 min. of prepaid mobile tariff USD 0.24
Apples (1kg) USD 1.95
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 0.99
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About Bolivia

Travelling to Bolivia would be a wise decision for anyone looking to visit a rich, indigenous South American culture, colonial cities, beautiful landscapes and nature galore. Bolivia is an incredibly rich melting pot of cultures, and home to 34 native languages. With excellent food, culture, art, architecture and indigenous history, what more could you be looking for? If you need cheap flights to Bolivia, don't fail to search Flighthub. Whether you're looking for cheap tickets to Boliva to travel to Sucre or Potosi, Flighthub will get you there for much less.


Begin your visit in Bolivia's capital with a trip to Sucre. Many people come to Sucre to begin taking Spanish lessons. Casa de Libertad is a famous site worth checking out, and home to where the Bolivia Declaration of Independence was signed. It also has famous dinosaur tracks, where you can even walk in the footprints of dinosaurs.

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La Paz

La Paz is the second largest city, population wise, and full of things to see and do. Start your trip at Plaza Murillo, the city's central square, and home to Iglesia de San Francsco church, a beautiful church. You can also see the Bolivian president's home at the Palacio Quernado. Tiwanaku is a UNESCO world heritage site, home to Aymaran ruins.


Uyuni is one of Bolivia's most popular destinations, and home to the largest salt flat on earth, Salar de Uyuni. Salar de Uyuni is home to 10 billion tons of salt, and simply beautiful to look at. The train cemetery is very well loved, home to old trains which rust in the salt. It's got beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and it’s the perfect place to take pictures with no perspective (which makes for the coolest photos.) There is a wonderful mirror effect on the Laguna Verde Lake during rainy season, and this is by far one of Boliva's most popular travel destinations.

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Cochabamba is located in central Bolivia, and a wonderful city to visit. Palacio Portales is a wonderful art museum in a beautiful mansion of a wealthy mine owner. People love to visit Carrasco National Park, just 60 miles from Cochabamba, and home to waterfalls, caves, plants, animals and stunning wildlife, like Jaguars and bears. Cochabamba is also home to the 33 meter high Jesus, symbolic for Jesus' 33 years of life, and offering an impressive view of Cochabamba.


Copacabana is another impressive place to visit in Bolivia, located on the shores of one of the highest rivers in the world, Lake Titicaca, and a lake of spiritual importance to the Inca, and the source of legend about the treasure of Lake Titicaca. Another point of interest is the Isla del Sol, the largest island in Lake Titicaca. It has hundreds of Incan ruin-including a carved staircase of 200 stairs into the mountainside, and is perfect for hiking, offering impressive views.

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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz combines the spirit and beauty of the Amazon with religious architecture, to create a perfect vacation destination. It's home to the largest butterfly sanctuary in the world, Mariposario Guembe. Pay a visit to Noel Kempff Marcdo National Park, with wonderful Amazon forest in front of you, seemingly untouched by man, pink river dolphins, waterfalls and solitude. The Cotoca village makes a great day trip, and is famous for its villagers' pottery and artisanship. Don't forget to walk around Plaza 24, the city's main street, and home to excellent people watching, music, dining and street vendors.

Getting to Bolivia

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Information about travelling to Bolivia

  • Currency exchange rate
    $1.00(BOB) = USD 0.14(USD)
  • Languages of Bolivia
    Spanish (official) 60.7%
    Quechua (official) 21.2%
    Aymara (official) 14.6%
    Guarani (official)
    foreign languages 2.4%
    other 1.2%
  • Independence of Bolivia
    6 August 1825

    National Holiday : Independence Day, 6 August
  • Ethnic groups of Bolivia
    Quechua 30%
    mestizo 30%
    Aymara 25%
    white 15%
  • Age structure of Bolivia
    0-14-years 33.3%
    15-24-years 19.8%
    25-54-years 36.3%
    55-64-years 4.9%
    65-years-and-over 4.8%
  • The population of Bolivia
    8 300 463 (85th)