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How much do things cost in Aarhus?
Water bottle (1.5 liter) USD 2.55
Rice (white) USD 2.85
1 Pair of Jeans USD 149.95
Mid range bottle of wine USD 11.36
Lettuce USD 2.33
Utilities (Electricity, Heating, ...) for medium apartment USD 322.30
Chicken breasts at the market USD 11.13
Pack of cigarettes USD 7.64
1 Pair of men leather shoes USD 168.17
* All price are converted to USD

About Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Denmark and it is located right in the middle of the Jutland Peninsula. It is at the same time the largest port in the country and the main entrance for goods that are coming to Denmark from all around the world. With a population of over 300,000, the city is a perfect destination if you want to visit this Nordic country.

Cheap tickets to Aarhus are the perfect solution to reach the city. There is only a small airport near the city that has domestic flights and international ones, to the Nordic countries. That's why is good to know some stuff about transportation in Denmark before you book your airline tickets to Aarhus. The biggest airport in the country is located in the capital Copenhagen. From there you can fly to many European destinations, including in Paris, London, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Prague, Madrid, Athnes, Vienna, Munich, Hamburg, Warsaw, Rome, Lisbon, Bucharest, Istanbul, Moscow and Zurich. At the same time you can travel to cities outside the continent, like Tel Aviv, Cairo, Casablanca, New York and Beirut. In the last years there are several good connections with Asia.

Travel to Aarhus is easy for anyone because the infrastructure in Denmark is one of the best in the world. The country is flat and you will not find any mountains. That's why you can travel to this gorgeous city by car or by bus, using the highway system. The country is very developed and will be easy to find an electric car and at the same time to refuel it. When you rent a car you will receive a list of the entire place where you can recharge the electric car.

When you purchase cheap flights to Aarhus you will discover that many interesting places must be visited in this city, including the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Tivoli Friheden, Botanisk Have, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Den Gamle, the Old Town, Statsbiblioteket, Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus Rådhus, Vor Frue Kirke and Aarhus Domkirke. But don't forget that are many other places that must be on your list when you are ready to book cheap flights to Aarhus. That's why you can visit the Viking Museum, Moesgård Museum, Atletion, Skejby Sygehus, Den Permanente, Søsterhøj, Aarhus Teater, Marselisborg Slot, Marselisborg Palace, Aarhus Kunstbygning and Women's Museum.

Like in all the Scandinavian cities, the bikes are used by almost everyone, no matter they are young or old. All over the city you will find special places for bikes and lines on the street. It is very cheap to rent a bike for a whole day. However, don't forget that there are several pedestrian streets in the old city. Every weekend these streets are crowded with people in search for entertainment and shopping. All the major European and global retailers have at least one store in this city.

If you are in the mood to taste the local food, you can do it in several good restaurants. The Danish cuisine is based on fresh vegetables, cheese, milk and of course plenty of fish. In the recent years is more and more popular to eat ecological products. However, these routines can be expensive. If you are on budget, just try the doner kebab, which is very popular these days in Denmark. After you book your cheap flights to Aarhus you will find out also that you can eat a good meal in some Italian French, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, and Indian restaurants.

If you want to book a room, you will find out that there are many good and cheap hotels in Aarhus. That's why you should book your room with several months in advance, in order to get the best deal on the market. Flights to Aarhus are the perfect solution for you and your family to visit Denmark. Don't forget that Flighthub offers the cheapest flights you can find and this is the right time to purchase your tickets.

Information about travelling to Aarhus

  • Average rain for this month in Aarhus
    42.6 mm
  • Minimum temperature during the year in Aarhus
    -17 °C
  • Average temperature in Aarhus
    12 °C
  • Currency exchange rate
    kr1.00(DKK) = USD 0.15(USD)

Airports of Aarhus

Aarhus Airport